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Jackson Avery: I'll be damned if I'm gonna let my grandfather do to you what he did to all these women.

Meredith Grey: Just read it.

Catherine Avery: "The time has come for new vision, new light, and new hope. We know that a culture can't change with a single statement. Comprehensive, systemic change is required. But let that change begin now... with the dissolution of the Harper Avery Foundation, effective immediately." Darling, this is insane.

Jackson Avery: Keep reading, please.

Catherine Avery: "In its place, a new foundation, dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of all 72 hospitals..."

Advisor: If I am not buying this, I don't know how you think the public will.

Jackson Avery: Why are you still here?

Advisor: Because I am trying to save you from committing financial suicide.

Meredith Grey: Will you please just read the underlined part?

Catherine Avery: "We also make a solemn promise... To give voice to those who were silenced. To listen to, and to learn from, every woman's story. To repay, retrain, and rehire every victim of Harper Avery's abuse. We hope you'll join us in supporting, with enthusiasm... the Catherine Fox Foundation. Sincerely yours, Catherine Fox."

Advisor: Ugh. What a lovely moment this is. A billion-dollar moment, one might say.

Jackson Avery: Honestly, the name idea was Meredith's.

Meredith Grey: It was all him. But can we please get this re-engraved (Harper Avery trophies), because I worked way too hard for it.

Catherine Avery: 30 years ago, getting harassed at work, getting groped at work wasn't something we could protest. It was something we had to take with our morning coffee. It was part of the job. And if we made a noise, if we fussed, we were told we were overreacting and, more often than not, we lost the job and our reputation along with it. I was not then who I am now. I didn't have the voice then that I have now. I had choices. I could stand there and let your grandfather fire those women and drag them through the mud, or I could make sure they got some money, a leg to stand on, a path to move forward on. I'm not ashamed of myself, Jackson, but I am ashamed of what your grandfather did. And I'm so sorry that now you have to carry that burden along with me. And I'm sorry that that burden might just bring this family, this entire hospital, and all of his hospitals down.

Jackson Avery: I already got my own thing going on, and, frankly, it's a little more cutting-edge than what essentially amounts to an elective cosmetic procedure.

Catherine Avery: Oh, come on. Look, my birthday is coming up. You could think of this v*gina as your gift to me.

Jackson Avery: Now I'm gonna go smash my head in with a hammer and see if I can forget that you said that.

Jackson Avery: Harper Avery was not only a permanent fixture in medicine. He was my grandfather. I take special comfort in knowing that he died. D-doing... Doing what he loved.

Catherine Avery: "Unbelievable"... was the word he used. Harper spoke about how he was astonished by our work here.

Jackson Avery: Which is really a testament to your work, the incredible job that you're doing under the superb... superb guidance of Chief Bailey here.

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