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Hera Syndulla: Hondo, I see you got my message.

Hondo Ohnaka: At your service. And mine too, of course.

Ketsu Onyo: He wasn't hard to find. Talks a lot for a smuggler.

Hondo Ohnaka: Bup-bup-bup. Pirate! That is pirate, my dear. So much more romantic than a smug... Mug... Word that... Ugh, never mind.

(Hondo opens a chest and there is only Melch hiding inside it, no loot)

Hera Syndulla: Sorry it didn't work out, Hondo.

Hondo Ohnaka: Work out? No. This is better, yes, because... (hugs Melch) Friendship is the greatest treasure.

Ezra Bridger: Do you really mean that?

Hondo Ohnaka: Mostly. See? (Melch punches him and laughs) He's always laughing. Always having a good time, this Melch.

Zeb Orrelios: You lied to us. What a surprise.

Ezra Bridger: Well, he didn't exactly lie. He just didn't tell us the whole truth.

Hondo Ohnaka: Well said! And some of the truth is better than none of the truth, which is what you used to get. So, don't try and tell me that I have not grown.

Zeb Orrelios: I don't have any time for this. Cargo hold, now! I can pull your limbs off later.

Hondo Ohnaka: He's always kidding. He's kidding, right?

Sabine Wren: So what do you need us for? Why not use your own crew?

Hondo Ohnaka: Now trust me, that is a long, boring story. No, no, no, my friends, you are the guys for this job.

Kanan Jarrus: If the Empire couldn't salvage the ship, what hope do we have?

Hondo Ohnaka: Because we have something in our favor that the Empire does not, for we are desperate!

Hera Syndulla: For once, he's right.

Hondo Ohnaka: Every situation has the potential to be profitable.

Hondo Ohnaka: So, so, so, how much do you insist on paying me for this intel?

Hera Syndulla: Being rescued from that Imperial prison wasn't payment enough? What do you want?

Hondo Ohnaka: What good is a pirate without a ship? You know, the Ghost is a very nice ship. I could probably...

Everyone: Forget it.

Hondo Ohnaka: I'm kidding, of course. But I do need a ship. Nothing too fancy. Just something with a roomy cargo hold, hyperdrive, shields, weapons. I am a wanted man, after all. Very popular.

Hondo Ohnaka: Does this mean I am not getting my finder's fee?

Ezra Bridger: You never were.

Hondo Ohnaka: Perfect answer. I am so proud of you right now. I never had a student learn this quickly.

Hondo Ohnaka: The villain was upon us, I'm telling you! But young Ezra, he stood tall in front of me and withstood a massive atta... (Ezra walks in) My friend! I was just talking about you. How you and I rescued the generators from the evil Vizago.

Ezra Bridger: Yeah, that's not true. You stole the generators and my ship.

Hondo Ohnaka: What an accusation! You wound me!

Ezra Bridger: Chopper had the Phantom on autopilot.

Hondo Ohnaka: Well, that's another version of the story, I suppose. I'll tell you what. You can keep my generators. They are my gift to you. Goodbye!

Hondo Ohnaka: You must have many responsibilities, yes?

Ezra Bridger: Yeah, too many at the moment.

Hondo Ohnaka: Well, then join my crew, and I will split it right down the middle, fifty-forty. You won't get a better deal than that, especially from me.

Ezra Bridger: Wait, that's only 90%. What about the other 10?

Hondo Ohnaka: Oh, you want me to spend that on expenses, trust me.

Hondo Ohnaka: My friend, my friend. You might not be Calrissian, but I know one thing you are... You are a Jedi. Why didn't you tell me you were a Jedi? You know, I am an old Jedi sympathizer. I know. I wouldn't believe me either, but one of my best friends was a Jedi. I'm pretty sure we were friends.

Ezra Bridger: Well, I'm not really a Jedi yet.

Hondo Ohnaka: Well, then be a pirate Jedi! We will make an excellent team.

Hondo Ohnaka: Ah, Vizago is indisposed, uh, so to speak, granting me the privilege of conducting business with you, O' legendary one. Hondo Ohnaka at your service.

Azmorigan: Is this a joke? I don't deal with washed-up old relics.

Hondo Ohnaka: Come now, let's leave your wife out of this. There is no need for such impropriety among thieves.

Hondo Ohnaka: I lost my whole crew, thanks to the Empire. I once was a captain, you know. Oh, the stories I could tell. So many of them true.

Hondo Ohnaka: Let me see. Oh, the cost of the fuel. I had to use a lot of fuel. The general wear and tear on my men and equipment. A couple of them died, I think. Believe me, Kenobi. Staging a rescue is not an inexpensive proposition.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: So you mean to tell me you were staging a rescue, not attempting to hijack a Jedi starship?

Hondo Ohnaka: You're welcome! Oh, the thanklessness! What an accusation. I am gone! I will send you my bill!

Hondo Ohnaka: The Separatists are no friends of mine. Don't ask me why, but Dooku holds such a grudge against me since our little "I held him hostage" affair.

Ahsoka Tano: If you don't let me go, you will wish you had been born a protocol droid.

Hondo Ohnaka: Sometimes I do anyway.

Hondo Ohnaka is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Hondo Ohnaka in the TV series The Clone Wars and Rebels.


Hondo Ohnaka comes from the planet Sriluur. He is a famous leader of pirates – the pirate king of Florrum. He accidentaly gets involved in the Clone Wars conflict when capturing Count Dooku.


Hondo Ohnaka is voiced by the actor Jim Cummings.

Top 10 Most Iconic Quotes by Hondo Ohnaka from Star Wars

  1. “You know what I always say. ‘Speak softly and drive a big tank.'” (Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 2×17)
  2. “Traitors. Scum! I’m so proud… but so betrayed.” (about pirates that started to work for Maul, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 5×01)
  3. “Leave you alone with the two crazies? Well… okay.” (to Obi-Wan about leaving him to fight Maul and Savage alone, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 5×01)
  4. “Insolence! We are pirates! We don’t even know what that means.” (to Maul, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 5×01)
  5. “Kyber crystals, used for making laser swords. The price for just one would make a man rich, and we all know how much I like to be rich, don’t we?” (Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 5×07)
  6. “My mood is based on profit, and today I am in the mood for crystals.” (to Ahsoka, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 5×07)
  7. “The Separatists are no friends of mine. Don’t ask me why, but Dooku holds such a grudge against me since our little ‘I held him hostage’ affair.” (Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ep. 5×08)
  8. “Oh, the stories I could tell. So many of them true.” (Star Wars Rebels – Ep. 2×06)
  9. “I am an old Jedi sympathizer. I know. I wouldn’t believe me either, but one of my best friends was a Jedi. I’m pretty sure we were friends.” (Star Wars Rebels – Ep. 2×06)
  10. “Every situation has the potential to be profitable.” (Star Wars Rebels – Ep. 3×02)


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