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Admiral Thrawn: Men like Isdain join out of greed and self-interest. Others out of fear. All with ambitions of power. Answer again. Why do you seek Imperial favor?

Morgan Elsbeth: Revenge. Years ago, my people were all but destroyed. Our culture, our beliefs, are fading into memory. Yes, I seek power to ensure my future, to destroy my enemies. My anger gives me strength, and it is that strength that I offer the Empire.

Admiral Thrawn: Offer accepted.

Admiral Thrawn (to Morgan): Your designs are brilliant, but not cost-effective. Many in the Empire will trade lives for profit. Over time, this will create a weak and disillusioned military. The Empire will slowly crumble.

Admiral Thrawn: The Empire is a magnificent construct. However, it's not without its vulnerabilities. While many of my colleagues think on a grand scale, they often overlook where problems begin, and they always start small.

Morgan Elsbeth: You speak of the growing rebellion.

Admiral Thrawn: A sickness which kills both common man and king. We'll need minds like yours if we are to eradicate them.

Thrawn: Ahsoka Tano, allow me to commend you on your efforts today. You've been quite a worthy opponent. I regret we haven't met face to face, and perhaps now we never shall. Still, I know you because I knew your Master. I concluded your strategies would be similar. One wonders just how similar you might become. Perhaps this is where a ronin such as you belongs. Today, victory is mine. Long Live the Empire.

Morgan Elsbeth: There is little the Jedi can do to stop us now.

Thrawn: I've watched many an Imperial officer make the same assumptions about the Rebellion. Even I fell victim to the heroics of a single Jedi. Never again.

Thrawn (about Ezra): It's also quite possible that your friend is dead.

Sabine Wren: If you survived, I'm sure he's doing just fine.

Thrawn: You have gambled the fate of your galaxy on that belief.

Ezra Bridger: You think you can take whatever you want, things you didn't make, didn't earn, things you don't even understand! You don't deserve to have this art or Lothal.

Thrawn: Who deserves what is irrelevant. What matters is who has power. But that is something the Jedi won't teach you, so I'll take you to someone who will.

Tarkin: Your TIE defender program is at risk. Orson Krennic has been quite persuasive about diverting the funding to his own project, Stardust.

Thrawn: The Emperor has assured me that he supports my project.

Tarkin: In my view, Director Krennic's project has been nothing but expenses and excuses for years on end. If construction of the defender is to continue, you must make your case directly to the Emperor himself.

Thrawn: What manner of creature are you?

Bendu: One beyond your power to destroy.

Thrawn: It would not seem so.

Bendu: You cannot see... But I can.

Thrawn: What? What do you see?

Bendu: I see your defeat, like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace.

Konstantine: Why not just attack now with overwhelming force? I could...

Thrawn: Because I know these rebels. I've studied them. They will, no doubt, defy convention and attempt something unexpected. We will be prepared for it. As long as you do exactly as I say.

Konstantine: As you wish.

Agent Kallus: Fighting over glory?

Thrawn: I do not require glory, only results for my Emperor.

Thrawn: General Dodonna, Commander Sato, Captain Syndulla. At last, we meet in this theater of war, however briefly. There is no escape, and your forces are badly outnumbered. This rebellion ends today.

Hera Syndulla: We'll never surrender to you, Thrawn.

Thrawn: You misunderstand, Captain. I'm not accepting surrenders at this time. I want you to know failure, utter defeat, and that it is I who delivers it crashing down upon you. Now, let us proceed.

Agent Kallus: You seem in surprisingly good spirits, considering this loss.

Thrawn: Loss, you say? The rebels may have protected the location of their base for now, but in doing so, they have narrowed my search. Before today, they could have been hiding in any of a thousand systems. But now... Now I know they are almost certainly on one of the 94 planets surveyed by my infiltrators. The rebels have won this battle, but the war will be ours.

Governor Pryce: All you need to know is that the Admiral has a new fighter initiative here.

Agent Kallus: A new fighter? Difficult to see how one small ship will change much.

Thrawn: Agent, victory and defeat are often determined by the smallest detail.

Thrawn: Rebels have friends always rushing to the rescue.

Thrawn (to Hera): War. It's all you've ever known, isn't it? You were so young when you survived the Clone War. No wonder you're as equipped in spirit to fight as well as you do. War is in your blood. I study the art of war, work to perfect it. But you... You were forged by it.

Slavin: Sir, she's just a peasant.

Hera Syndulla: It doesn't matter where we come from, Admiral. Our will to be free is what's going to beat you.

Thrawn is a character from Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars Quotes

You can find Thrawn in the TV series Rebels, and Ahsoka.


Grand Admiral Thrawn is the name we know Thrawn under. His full name is Mitth’raw’nuruodo, as he comes from the planet Rentor where Chiss people live. He is best known for his military achievements in service of the Empire.


Thrawn is played by the actor Lars Mikkelsen.

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