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Read the top iconic lines by Zeb Orrelios from the Star Wars Universe. We can find Zeb in Star Wars Rebels (2014 series) and The Mandalorian (2019 series). Zeb Orrelios is a Rebel fighter and his full name is Garazeb… Continue Reading →

Ezra Bridger (to a Loth-wolf): Do you know the way out? (Loth-wolf leads the way) Come on.

Sabine Wren: Kanan?

Kanan Jarrus: Seems like the best idea we've got. Let's go.

Zeb Orrelios: This is good. When it gets strange like this, it's a good thing.

Ryder Azadi: How have you people stayed alive so long?

Captain Rex (about puffer pigs): So, you're not gonna help?

Zeb Orrelios: Uh-uh. I'm not allowed near the filthy beasts. I scare them. Apparently, there's something wrong with my face.

Captain Rex: Aw, well, at least yours is unique.

Zeb Orrelios: What is that, clone humor?

Zeb Orrelios: Still glad you got mixed up in this rebellion, Rex?

Captain Rex: It beats slingin' for joopas.

Zeb Orrelios: Does it? They sure do taste good.

Captain Rex: They do, don't they?

Hera Syndulla: Despite what you two think, I'm confident we have our best team on the job.

Zeb Orrelios: Okay, since when does our best team include AP-5, Chopper, and Wedge?

Zeb Orrelios: I'll be in the command center.

AP-5: Doing what?

Zeb Orrelios: Commanding!

Zeb Orrelios: Counting crates? Not exactly my idea of fun.

AP-5: Is that because you never learned to count? I can teach you.

Zeb Orrelios: What? No!

AP-5: Did they seriously leave you in charge of this entire facility?

Zeb Orrelios: Something wrong with that?

AP-5: Well, I just always assumed you were more of a "lift heavy things and punch anything in your way" type. You know, a grunt. (Zeb growls at him) Precisely. Now, what exactly do you do?

(Chopper chimes in)

Zeb Orrelios: What'd he say?

AP-5: He said, "We've never really figured that out."

(Chopper runs first...)

Ezra Bridger: What do you mean, "Every man for themselves"? You're a droid!

Zeb Orrelios: I hope you run out of fuel!

Zeb Orrelios: You lied to us. What a surprise.

Ezra Bridger: Well, he didn't exactly lie. He just didn't tell us the whole truth.

Hondo Ohnaka: Well said! And some of the truth is better than none of the truth, which is what you used to get. So, don't try and tell me that I have not grown.

Zeb Orrelios: I don't have any time for this. Cargo hold, now! I can pull your limbs off later.

Hondo Ohnaka: He's always kidding. He's kidding, right?

Hera Syndulla: Kanan, why don't you take a team to the planet? Assist the evacuation.

Kanan Jarrus: All right. Good luck with Iron Squadron.

Zeb Orrelios: Sounds like a ship full of Ezras. Let's get out of here.

Fenn Rau (about the Protectors): They're my men. I can talk to them.

Zeb Orrelios: Wait. Isn't he our prisoner?

Kanan Jarrus: More like a cranky guest.

Ezra Bridger (finds B1's head): Hey, was this a Separatist battle droid?

Captain Rex: Yeah. Little piece of one anyway. This place used to be crawling with 'em. We called 'em clankers.

Zeb Orrelios: Clankers. I like that. How many of these things do you think you blasted?

Captain Rex: I don't know. Thousands. Probably tens of thousands. Never kept count like some of the boys.

Ezra Bridger: They don't look very dangerous.

Captain Rex: Listen, those droids wiped out a lot of Republic troopers. Many of them were my friends.

Kanan Jarrus: Rex has been through a lot. Battles leave scars, some you can't see.

(There are spider-like creatures all around them...)

Zeb Orrelios: I hate multi-leggers.


Zeb Orrelios: More than two legs is just excessive.

(Chopper points at something excitingly)

Ezra Bridger: Oh, yeah. That droid leg kinda does look like yours.

(Chopper shows a hologram of the leg he wants)

Hera Syndulla: Chopper, we're not here to shop.

Zeb Orrelios: Uh, shop... Shopper!

(Chopper is disappointed and frustrated)

Hera Syndulla: This mission is important and dangerous.

(Chopper protests)

Hera Syndulla: Not now.

Zeb Orrelios is a character from Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars Quotes

You can find Zeb in the TV series Rebels, and The Mandalorian.