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Victor Aldertree: I discovered Eva hiding in the basement. She was in shock, driven mad by grief. She couldn’t control herself, so she transformed. And attacked me. She would have killed me if I hadn’t used my seraph blade. Eva died in my arms.

Alec Lightwood: You killed her?

Victor Aldertree: I had no choice. Eva couldn’t control herself. That was her nature. Her wolf nature. That’s when I realized a Shadowhunter could never be with a Downworlder, no matter how strong our feelings might be.

Alec Lightwood: Supplying yin fen to a subordinate… An ex-field medic should know better.

Victor Aldertree: And you expect anyone to actually believe this ridiculous accusation?

Alec Lightwood: Who knows? Idris loves gossip. And you’re one Clave investigation away from treating frostbite on Wrangel Island. From now on, I’m calling the shots. Don’t ever threaten my family again.

Victor Aldertree: Do you love her the way a brother loves his sister?

Jace Wayland: I’ve tried to fight it, but…

Victor Aldertree: A simple yes or no. Do you love Clary the way a brother loves his sister?

Jace Wayland: No. It’s more than that.

Jace Wayland: Facilis descensus Averno.

Victor Aldertree: “The descent into Hell is easy.” I’m glad you believe in our sacred Clave motto.

Jace Wayland: Alec and I use it to remind each other we can’t be broken.

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