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Maia Roberts: What about you? How's your book coming along?

Simon Lewis: Ooh! I finally came up with a title. Unseen World: The Divine Implements by Ezekiel J. Russo.

Maia Roberts: Ooh! Nice pen name.

Simon Lewis: I wish I could use my name, though. Clary would be really excited to see that the graphic novel we started working on so long ago was finally finished.

Maia Roberts (to Simon): I think I got to step it up. Take on a bigger role. But in order to do that... I... I have to put the pack first. So everything outside of that, like a relationship, has to come second. And, Simon, you don't deserve to come second. You deserve someone who will love you, heart and soul.

Maia Roberts: Simon, about the tattoo...

Simon Lewis: Look, you don't have to apologize.

Maia Roberts: I wasn't going to. I was single at the time.

Simon Lewis: I know, and I just assume that pretty much everyone's slept with Jace at this point. It's only a matter of time before I sleep with him myself, I guess.

Maia Roberts: I don't know that I'd want my whole body covered in tattoos.

Jace Herondale: Says the girl with the butterfly tattoo.

Clary Fairchild: Butterfly tattoo?

Simon Lewis: How do you know about that? It's pretty well hidden.

Clary Fairchild: You saw it after one of her transformations? Or...

Jace Herondale: Not exactly. No.

Maia Roberts: Yeah...

Maia Roberts: Now you're just stealing moves from Indiana Jones.

Simon Lewis: Well, I did learn from the best.

Maia Roberts: What did she want with you? (she = Seelie Queen)

Simon Lewis: I'm not sure, really. But I need you to know, the only reason I did it was because I couldn't live knowing you were in danger.

Maia Roberts: Simon, you brave, stupid idiot.

Seelie Queen: Patience.

Maia Roberts: Right... patience isn't really my thing.

Maia Roberts: Who knew dating a college boy would come in handy.

Simon Lewis: Oh, no.

Maia Roberts: What? Was it the word "dating?"

Simon Lewis: No, no! It was the word college! I mean, I haven't been to school in forever! Classes started like a week ago, and my mom already paid the meal plan. And I don't even eat anymore! So she's out, like, three grand, and then... Wait... are we dating?

Maia Roberts: I can't help but think that... every time I turn, it... this... is what love got me.

Maia Roberts: Next time, I get to control the steering of the paddle boat.

Simon Lewis: Those ducks are gonna be fine, I told you!

Maia Roberts: Only because they narrowly missed you at the last second!

Simon Lewis: Well, you know, I was helping them! Um... I was... I was honing their survival skills. Ducks are getting very lazy these days!

Simon Lewis: I kind of thought Jace would stand up for me.

Maia Roberts: Yeah, Jace looks lost. Like a deer caught in headlights. I guess I get it.

Simon Lewis: Get what? That he's under the Inquisitor's spell?

Maia Roberts: I know what it's like, to want so badly to have real family. The things you'll do...

Maia Roberts (to Jace): Man, rejection is so much more fun when it's happening to you.

Luke Garroway: I've been out recruiting other members from other packs. Trust me. Plenty of wolves want to eat at the Jade Wolf.

Maia Roberts (laughs): No, they don't.

Luke Garroway: Yeah, right.

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