Clary Fairchild: Ever since I was a little girl, you were my boy in the tower. The boy that I always wanted to save but I never thought I could. I guess I was right. ‘Cause, Jonathan, you know just as much as I do that our family is our biggest source of heartbreak. But despite anything you’ve done and what we’ve been through, or how much I wanna fight it or wipe it away, I will always love you. Always.

Jonathan Morgenstern: I love you, too, Clary. (Clary hugs him, draws a rune on her hand…) Clary? Clary! Clary, you’re hurting me. Clary, you’re hurting me.

Clary Fairchild: It’s okay.

Jonathan Morgenstern: I can’t breathe.

Clary Fairchild: It’s okay. It’s okay.

Jonathan Morgenstern: Let me go.

Clary Fairchild: I am. Ave atque vale. Goodbye, Jonathan. Goodbye.

From Shadowhunters – Season 3 Episode 22: ‘All Good Things…’ (3×22)