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(After Jace saves Simon...)

Valentine Morgenstern: You have no idea what you've done, Jonathan. No idea.

Jace Herondale: I saved a life. One you tried to take. I know that much.

Valentine Morgenstern: Not a human life. You resurrected a monster that will only kill to feed again. His kind are always hungry—

Simon Lewis: I'm hungry right now. I wouldn't mind a little more blood. Of course your blood would probably choke me, you poisonous piece of—

Valentine Morgenstern (to Clary): You grew up in a falsely beautiful paradise surrounded by fragile glass walls, my daughter. Your mother created the world she wanted to live in and she brought you up in it, but she never told you it was an illusion. And all the time the demons waited with their weapons of blood and terror to smash the glass and pull you free of the lie.

Valentine Morgenstern: I can see the truth of it. Mundanes see as through a glass, darkly, but Shadowhunters—we see face-to-face. We know the truth of evil, and know that while it walks among us, it is not of us. What does not belong to our world must not be allowed to take root here, to grow like a poisonous flower and extinguish all life.

Valentine Morgenstern: The Angel chose the Nephilim for a reason. We are the best of this world, and we are meant to save it. We are the closest thing that exists in this world to gods and we must use that power to save this world from destruction, whatever the cost to us.

Valentine Morgenstern: The Clave is hopelessly corrupt and must be destroyed and built again. Idris must be freed from the influence of the degenerate races, and Earth made proof against the demonic threat.

Valentine Morgenstern: We'll be together there, as we should be.

Clary's thoughts: That sounds terrific. Just you, your comatose wife, your shell-shocked son, and your daughter who hates your guts. Not to mention that your two kids may be in love with each other. Yeah, that sounds like a perfect family reunion.

Valentine Morgenstern: I knew if he received her blood in the womb, Jonathan would be the ultimate weapon. A warrior under my command, with the strength of both angels and demons.

Clary Fairchild: Why would Lilith agree to help you?

Valentine Morgenstern: Because in exchange, I gave her the one thing she always wanted. The one thing she could never have. A child.

Valentine Morgenstern: I underestimated you. Clarissa, you are my greatest creation. Not Jonathan, not Jace. You are.

Clary Fairchild: I was never yours.

Jia Penhallow: Your return is only temporary. You'll be back in hell soon enough.

Valentine Morgenstern: I wasn't in hell. I was in the dark. There was nothing but shadows... Oh! I was a shadow. And I knew it was all over.

Raziel: What is it you ask of me?

Valentine Morgenstern: The immediate death of all evil-blooded creatures, demon and Downworlder alike, as well as the disloyal Shadowhunters... who protect them.

Raziel: The destruction of the souled creatures of the Downworld, and of our own Nephilim? That is not Heaven's wish.

Valentine Morgenstern (after killing Jace): Clarissa, I... I'm sorry. I had no choice. The two of you together are too dangerous.

Valentine Morgenstern: I've come make you a deal.

Seelie Queen: Hah! What could you have that I would possibly want? (Valentine whispers something in her ear) Walk with me, won't you? It's such a lovely night.

Valentine Morgenstern: Though not so beautiful as what tomorrow may bring to the both of us.

Sebastian Morgenstern: I'm a dead weight, am I? I know when I'm being played.

Valentine Morgenstern: Believe me. Where I need to go, it's too dangerous for you to follow. You, Jonathan Morgenstern, are brilliant... and as cunning and vicious as I have ever hoped for. Listen to me. I will come back for you. I promise.

Valentine Morgenstern: Are you with me?

Sebastian Morgenstern: Until the bitter end.

Sebastian Morgenstern: Jace is trying to sabotage me. He's trying to... make Clary hate me. But I swear to you, I will end him before I let that happen.

Valentine Morgenstern: Listen. Once we have the mirror, none of this will matter.

Sebastian Morgenstern: I can't have Clary hate me. Not after everything I've been through.

Valentine Morgenstern: Clary doesn't care about you.

Sebastian Morgenstern: Yes, she does.

Valentine Morgenstern: No, Jonathan. She only cares about an English Shadowhunter named Sebastian Verlac. When she realizes the truth about you she will only despise you.

Sebastian Morgenstern: No. You are the one that she despises. I am her brother! She loves me.

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