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Jonathan Morgenstern: You want me to be your weapon.

Seelie Queen: I want you to be my king. Together, we will destroy the Shadowhunters and rule the earthly realm side by side.

Jonathan Morgenstern: I prefer to rule alone.

(Seelie Queen turns into the child version of herself...)

Seelie Queen: Please, Jonathan. Please. You wouldn't dare hurt a child. Have mercy.

Jonathan Morgenstern: Mercy is for humans. And I'm no longer human.

Seelie Queen: Never in the history of the Seelie Court has someone managed to do what you have.

Jonathan Morgenstern: Well... I can't take all the credit... your Highness.

Clary Fairchild: If you two are done flirting...

Jonathan Morgenstern: I wasn't flirting.

Seelie Queen: I was.

Lilith: You killed my Disciples. I killed your knights. I've come to see if you'd like to cut your losses.

Seelie Queen: I'm sorry for your pain, but I never ordered anyone to do harm to your people.

Lilith: Not directly, as always. But I don't have time for sleights of tongue. The vampire with the mark. You gave it to him because it's the only thing that can banish me. I want you to remove it.

Seelie Queen: I gave him the mark because he's a Daylighter. Seelies have always been the protectors of anything in nature that's special and unique.

Lilith: My son is special and unique. And I am his protector. The Mark of Cain. I want it gone.

Seelie Queen: There are certain things that I, too, want gone. Sadly, we don't always get what we want.

Seelie Queen (to Simon): Though you walk in the daylight, darkness will follow.

Seelie Queen: I knew you were a man of your word.

Simon Lewis: For better or for worse.

Seelie Queen: We are going to have so much fun together.

Seelie Queen: Patience.

Maia Roberts: Right... patience isn't really my thing.

Valentine Morgenstern: I've come make you a deal.

Seelie Queen: Hah! What could you have that I would possibly want? (Valentine whispers something in her ear) Walk with me, won't you? It's such a lovely night.

Valentine Morgenstern: Though not so beautiful as what tomorrow may bring to the both of us.

Seelie Queen: You've refused me twice now. No one, in my very long life, has ever dared do such a thing.

Simon Lewis: Well... Considering you're trying to get vampires, werewolves and warlocks to play nice... you might wanna get used to some rejection.

Seelie Queen: So long as you're at my side when the wind changes, not a single hair on that perfect head of yours will be tousled.

Simon Lewis: You don't want things to end well, do you? You want war.

Seelie Queen: I want change... and you, Daylighter.

Simon Lewis: You were a child, and now you're... confusing.

Seelie Queen: Different outfits for different occasions.

Seelie Queen: Remember, those who don't come to my side... will be on the losing side.

Seelie Queen (to Clary): The kiss that will set them free is the kiss you most desire.

Jace Herondale: I was surprised. Kaelie didn't seem capable of such brutality.

Seelie Queen: Precisely why she made an effective killer. The sweeter the honey, the deadlier the trap.

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