Magnus Bane: First up, location. How about the Taj Mahal?

Alec Lightwood: Mmm-mmm.

Magnus Bane: Or Machu Picchu, hmm, in the Temple of the Sun?

Alec Lightwood: Or how about… the Institute?

Magnus Bane: Riiiiight. Because when I think romantic, I think of the New York Institute. How about Ladera in St. Lucia? Overlooking the tropical sea. Portals will shuttle in guests, and we…

Alec Lightwood: Magnus, just think. The Clave would have to honor and celebrate a relationship between a warlock and a Shadowhunter. Under their own roof. I mean, think about the message that would send to others like us.

Magnus Bane: All right. The Institute it is, then.

From Shadowhunters – Season 3 Episode 22: ‘All Good Things…’ (3×22)