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Magnus Bane

Magnus Bane: When I was tortured in Valentine's body, that agony rune made me relive my worst memory. And now... I can't get it out of my head. Every time I close my eyes...

Alec Lightwood: Hey... What is it?

Magnus Bane: Remember I told you how I found my mother dead by her own hand? My stepfather found me shortly after. He screamed at me. He called me an abomination.

Alec Lightwood: What?

Magnus Bane: He was right. He blamed me for her suicide. He said that she hated herself for giving birth to a monster. So I lashed out. With all the magic I had. I burned him, Alexander. Right where he stood. I murdered my stepfather.

Alec Lightwood: You were just a boy. You weren't in control of your powers.

Magnus Bane: Yes, actually, I was.


Alec Lightwood: This is like the fourth morning in a row that I've woken up to an empty bed. Is there something bothering you?

Magnus Bane: Nothing is bothering me. I've even gotten used to your adorable little snores.


Dot Rollins: My life would be a boring tragedy without you.

Magnus Bane: It would indeed. (Dot tries to kiss him, Magnus stops her) I'm sorry...

Dot Rollins: Don't be.

Magnus Bane: I'm in love with Alec.

Dot Rollins: I know.

Magnus Bane: I just...

Dot Rollins: Had a moment.

Magnus Bane: And a bottle of whiskey. You are incredibly beautiful, Dot. And soulful. Generous. But... I'm afraid I've always been a one-soul-at-a-time kind of guy.

Dot Rollins: Alec's lucky to have you.


Magnus Bane (to Alec): That agony rune... made me relive memories I've spent... centuries trying to forget.


Raphael Santiago (about Izzy): There’s something about her… I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

Magnus Bane: You’re so hooked on her blood, you can’t separate your feelings from your addiction.

Raphael Santiago: Isabelle and I are no different from you and Alec. And I thought you of all people would understand.

Magnus Bane: If you truly believe that… see if you still feel the same when you’re not getting high.


Magnus Bane: La Chair Brulee.

Clary Fray: I’m guessing that’s not a dessert.

Magnus Bane: It means “the burnt flesh.” It’s an old blood oath spell.


Clary Fray: Magnus, what happens if we don’t find your spell book?

Magnus Bane: That’s not an option you want to explore. That book can undo every spell I’ve ever cast. From the elementary to the complex.


Alec Lightwood: How would you feel about throwing a party?

Magnus Bane: Have you met me?

Alec Lightwood: It is for Max’s Rune Ceremony.

Magnus Bane: I think I’ll pass.


Alec Lightwood: My mother’s back.

Magnus Bane: Which means I’ll make myself scarce.


Magnus Bane (to Alec): Alexander. I may be experienced, but… it’s rare that I’ve ever felt this way about someone and… I worry that once we… That if we rush into this… That I may lose you.


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