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Alec Lightwood: This whole mortality thing is gonna take some getting used to.

Magnus Bane: Perhaps more than I realized. I've been lucky to live a life relatively free of FOMO. Can't blame me for wanting to make each moment count.

Alec Lightwood: Of course not. It's just... the thing about moments is that you'll miss them if you're always running after the next one. When I'm 90, I'm not gonna remember the trendy gallery or the amazing Greek food we had if we don't slow down... and savor moments like these. When I'm staring into the eyes of the man that I love.

Magnus Bane: Of course. Everything I need is right here in front of me. Amazing how a twenty-something pup can teach an old man new tricks.

Alec Lightwood: Please don't try to make "pup" a thing...

Magnus Bane: I hope you're not offended if I continue my training elsewhere. It's more than a little distracting, wanting to kiss my instructor every five minutes.

Alec Lightwood: Yeah, no, that's probably a good idea.


Magnus Bane: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I trained with Grand Master Mitsuyo Maeda.

Alec Lightwood: Is that where you got your black belt in name-dropping?


Magnus Bane: Come on, pup. Time to rise and face the day.

Alec Lightwood: Pup?

Magnus Bane: Panda?

Alec Lightwood: No.

Magnus Bane: Okay.

Asmodeus: Why would I ever give you the means by which Lilith could be banished back here to lord over us all? Edom may not be Marseille, but it's a hell of a lot less miserable with her gone.

Magnus Bane: Name your price.

Asmodeus: "There is a time when we all must return to live in the houses of our fathers." Rule beside me.

Magnus Bane: I never should have come.

Asmodeus: Say what you will about the time we spent together, but you have to admit, you enjoyed every minute of it.

Magnus Bane: I was a child! Father... I have never once come here to ask you for anything. There must be something else I can give you.

Asmodeus: Actually, my son... there is.

Alec Lightwood: It's been hundreds of years since you banished your father. What makes you think he'll even listen to your request?

Magnus Bane: Let's just say he owes me one.

Alec Lightwood: For what happened with your mother?

Magnus Bane: That... and for everything in the years that followed. I was living on the streets. I didn't know who or what I was. Asmodeus took me in. Nurtured my darker impulses. And taught me the "proper" way to be a warlock.

Alec Lightwood: And why'd you listen to him?

Magnus Bane: Because he was the only one in the world with eyes like me. He was my father.

(Magnus' voicemail)

Magnus Bane: You've reached the voicemail of Magnus Bane. Please don't leave a message at the tone. I'm centuries old and even I think it's outdated.

Lorenzo Rey: Attacking one's superior is grounds for banishment.

Magnus Bane: The only thing superior about you is your ego.

Magnus Bane: Go ahead and kill me. But don't hurt Alec and Izzy.

Lilith: Tempting offer... If I didn't fear starting a war with your father, I would happily oblige.