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(After Jace saves Simon...)

Valentine Morgenstern: You have no idea what you've done, Jonathan. No idea.

Jace Herondale: I saved a life. One you tried to take. I know that much.

Valentine Morgenstern: Not a human life. You resurrected a monster that will only kill to feed again. His kind are always hungry—

Simon Lewis: I'm hungry right now. I wouldn't mind a little more blood. Of course your blood would probably choke me, you poisonous piece of—

(Simon drinks blood from Jace and barely makes himself stop...)

Simon Lewis: I could have killed you.

Jace Herondale: I would have let you.

(Magnus makes the van able to drive on water...)

Jace Herondale: Now this is really going to impress Valentine.

Clary Fairchild: I don't know. Other crack teams get bat boomerangs and wall-crawling powers; we get the Aquatruck.

Magnus Bane: If you don't like it, Nephilim, you're welcome to see if you can walk on the water.

Jace Herondale: I'm a dangerous criminal. Or hadn't you heard?

Alec Lightwood: She didn't call you a criminal, exactly... (meaning Inquisitor)

Jace Herondale: No, I'm just a very naughty boy. I do all sorts of bad things. I kick kittens. I make rude gestures at nuns.

(Clary invents a new rune...)

Jace Herondale: I've got a stele we can use. Who wants to do me?

Magnus Bane (mutters): A regrettable choice of words.

Simon Lewis: How do you know that?

Jace Herondale: I can hear it. And so could you if you tried, bloodsucker.

Simon Lewis (to Clary): I think I liked "mundane" better than "bloodsucker."

Clary Fairchild: With Jace, you don't really get to choose your insulting nickname.

Izzy Lightwood (about Simon): And now what are we supposed to do?

Raphael Santiago: Bury him.

Jace Herondale: That's not funny.

Raphael Santiago: It isn't supposed to be. It is how we are made. We are drained, blooded, and buried. When he digs his own way out of a grave, that is when a vampire is born.

Izzy Lightwood (disgusted): I don't think I could do that.

Raphael Santiago: Some can't. If no one is there to help them dig out, they stay like that, trapped like rats under the earth.

Jace Herondale: Magnus didn't get to be High Warlock for nothing. His power extends through the city and beyond. He can sense what's out there, to an extent.

Clary Fairchild: He can feel disturbances in the Force?

(When Clary and Jace still thought they're siblings...)

Clary Fairchild: Why are you doing this to me?

Jace Herondale: Because you're lying to me. And you're lying to yourself.

Clary Fairchild: What do you want me to tell you? The truth? The truth is that I love Simon like I should love you, and I wish he was my brother and you weren't, but I can't do anything about that and neither can you!

(Seelie Queen forces Clary and Jace to kiss while they still think they're siblings...)

Jace Herondale: Was that good enough? Did that entertain you?

(Seelie Queen is smiling...)

Seelie Queen: We are quite entertained. But not, I think, so much as the both of you.

Jace Herondale: I can only assume, that mortal emotions amuse you because you have none of your own.

(Seelie Queen smiles no more...)

Jace Herondale: I'm not kissing the mundane. I'd rather stay down here and rot.

Simon Lewis: Forever? Forever's an awfully long time.

Jace Herondale: I knew it. You want to kiss me, don't you?

Seelie Queen: I am only curious. It is not often I have young Shadowhunters so close within my purview. Like us, you trace your ancestry to heaven; that intrigues me.

Jace Herondale: But unlike you, there is nothing of hell in us.

Seelie Queen: You are mortal; you age; you die. If that is not hell, pray tell me, what is?

Jace: You know how the bonds of family are, my lady. They cling as tightly as vines. And sometimes, like vines, they cling tightly enough to kill.

Seelie Queen: You would betray your own father for the sake of the Clave?

Jace: Even so, Lady.

Seelie Queen (laughs): Who would have thought, that Valentine's little experiments would turn on him?

Izzy Lightwood: Experiments?

Seelie Queen (to Jace): The Fair Folk are a people of secrets. Our own, and others'. Ask your father, when next you see him, what blood runs in your veins, Jonathan.

(They step into the Seelie realm through a pond. Izzy lands gracefully unlike others...)

Izzy Lightwood: Oooh, that was fun.

Jace Herondale: That does it. I'm going to get you a dictionary for Christmas this year.

Izzy Lightwood: Why?

Jace Herondale: So you can look up "fun." I'm not sure you know what it means.

Izzy Lightwood: You're raining on my parade.

Jace Herondale: It's a pretty wet parade already, if you hadn't noticed.

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