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Clary Fairchild: Luke, you cannot blame yourself for what happened to the pack.

Luke Garroway: They trusted me and I abandoned them.

Clary Fairchild: So now you're just gonna abandon me?

Luke Garroway: Clary, you know that I will always love you.

Clary Fairchild: Then don't leave me. Please, Luke. Please, not now. Not... I need my dad.

Luke Garroway: I'm sorry, kiddo.

Luke Garroway (to Maia): You don't have to fight him. You just need to get everyone to back you. He'll have no choice but to stand down. Maia, you're alpha material. You're willing to put the pack before everything else.

Maryse Lightwood: What?

Luke Garroway: Nothing. I just...

Maryse Lightwood: What?

Luke Garroway: I just haven't seen you let your hair down, literally, since the Accords Ball in Idris.

Maryse Lightwood: That was 20 years ago.

Luke Garroway: Was that 20 years ago?

Maryse Lightwood: Yeah.

Luke Garroway: Well, you look just as lovely now as you did then.

Luke Garroway (about Jace's mother): We did what we could on our own, but... nothing seemed to make a difference. Except when your dad, Stephen, was around.

Jace Herondale: Yeah, Imogen told me that... after my father died, she used to... wear his ring around her neck and never take it off. Maybe that's why. Maybe... it made her feel close to him.

Luke Garroway: I know it must be hard for you... to think about your mother and what she went through. But she was an amazing person who helped create another amazing person. So don't forget to hang on to the good.

Luke Garroway (to Ollie): Everything you saw was real. I'm sorry I lied to you. All the legends are true.

Luke Garroway: Jace! Come on, bring it in!

Jace Herondale: No. Oh, no.

Luke Garroway: No?!

Jace Herondale: No. Wet dog, man. Wet dog.

Luke Garroway: I'm sticky, I know.

Jace Herondale: You are sticky.

Luke Garroway: I am coming back for you, though. I will come for you, son.

(Luke's attempt at hugging Jace)

Magnus Bane: The Queen is simply a woman with a strong point of view.

Luke Garroway: Does that "strong point of view" differ from breaking the Accords? Because last time I checked, war with the Clave was the order of the day.

Raphael Santiago: Unless Valentine succeeds in raising Raziel, kills everyone with demon blood first.

Magnus Bane: In which case, she'd like to offer the entire Downworld protection in the Seelie Realm.

Luke Garroway: When times turn dark, rules are what bind us to our humanity.

Clary Fray: If it's true, if Simon did somehow lose control and make some horrible mistake, we can't just give up on him.

Luke Garroway: Look, whatever mess he's gotten himself into, I promise I'm not giving up on Simon.

Luke Garroway: Listen, I just want you to know, whatever's going on between you two, I'm always here for you. You're the closest thing to a son that I got. Whether you like it or not.

Simon Lewis: So I'm not grounded?

Luke Garroway: Don't push your luck.

Luke Garroway: You want a Downworld revolt? This is how it starts.

Jace Herondale: They came after Clary.

Luke Garroway: What?

Jace Herondale: Look, she's Okay, Luke, but...

Luke Garroway: It's not about Clary. And it's not about those dead Shadowhunters. It's about starting a war. Do you want that blood on your hands?

Luke Garroway: I hope you and Clary are, you know, being safe...

Simon Lewis: Yeah. Yeah, um... totally. But I figured, 'cause of the vampire thing, I couldn't, um... I couldn't really get Clary, you know...

Luke Garroway: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That's... I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the bloodlust.

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