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Jonathan Morgenstern: You want me to be your weapon.

Seelie Queen: I want you to be my king. Together, we will destroy the Shadowhunters and rule the earthly realm side by side.

Jonathan Morgenstern: I prefer to rule alone.

(Seelie Queen turns into the child version of herself...)

Seelie Queen: Please, Jonathan. Please. You wouldn't dare hurt a child. Have mercy.

Jonathan Morgenstern: Mercy is for humans. And I'm no longer human.

Seelie Queen: Never in the history of the Seelie Court has someone managed to do what you have.

Jonathan Morgenstern: Well... I can't take all the credit... your Highness.

Clary Fairchild: If you two are done flirting...

Jonathan Morgenstern: I wasn't flirting.

Seelie Queen: I was.

Jonathan Morgenstern (to Clary): The first time I ever heard your name. Clarissa Morgenstern. It was like music to my ears. I felt something that I had never felt before. Hope. That moment changed everything for me. I realized that you were the only person that I needed. I felt it. Finally, I had someone to fight by my side. Not against me, not in spite of me, but with me. Everything I do, I do for you. I want the Morning Star sword for you. For us.

Clary Fairchild: Jonathan, if you're looking for pity, you're wasting your breath.

Jonathan Morgenstern: I'm not interested in pity. Just understanding. I can't deny the things I've done. But you need to know that's behind me now. I can change. I want to change. Because... whatever good exists inside of you, at least some of that has got to be inside of me too. Somewhere. I intend to prove that to you.

Jonathan Morgenstern (to Clary): You're my sister. I'll do whatever it takes to protect you. You're the only family that I have.

Sebastian Morgenstern (to Jace): You'll make an excellent trophy to present father with.

Sebastian Morgenstern: I'm a dead weight, am I? I know when I'm being played.

Valentine Morgenstern: Believe me. Where I need to go, it's too dangerous for you to follow. You, Jonathan Morgenstern, are brilliant... and as cunning and vicious as I have ever hoped for. Listen to me. I will come back for you. I promise.

Valentine Morgenstern: Are you with me?

Sebastian Morgenstern: Until the bitter end.

Sebastian Morgenstern: After ten years of torture in Edom, I learnt to endure pain. In fact, I rather enjoy it.

Sebastian Morgenstern (to Max): That's very, very impressive. Your tracking skills. Isabelle has taught you very well. Perhaps a little too well.

Clary Fray: I understand he has demon blood, I know what he's capable of, but... but he's my brother. God, that's stupid, right?

Sebastian Morgenstern: Oh, no. No! God, it's not stupid at all!

Clary Fray: And if there's any humanity left in him, shouldn't we at least try to save him?

Sebastian Morgenstern: I think so.

Sebastian Morgenstern: Jace is trying to sabotage me. He's trying to... make Clary hate me. But I swear to you, I will end him before I let that happen.

Valentine Morgenstern: Listen. Once we have the mirror, none of this will matter.

Sebastian Morgenstern: I can't have Clary hate me. Not after everything I've been through.

Valentine Morgenstern: Clary doesn't care about you.

Sebastian Morgenstern: Yes, she does.

Valentine Morgenstern: No, Jonathan. She only cares about an English Shadowhunter named Sebastian Verlac. When she realizes the truth about you she will only despise you.

Sebastian Morgenstern: No. You are the one that she despises. I am her brother! She loves me.

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