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Felice: I don't really know if a trip to New York was what I needed when I was upset about what happened between us. They were friends who threw money at the problem instead of listening. I needed someone I could be honest with, and that's not always easy with them. But it is with you.

Sara: They're probably right that New York is a bit more fun than Bjärstad.

Felice: But you have a car. You can go somewhere else.

Sara: Like where?

Felice: Anywhere.

Felice: Do you remember when you helped me throw up here?

Sara: That was the best day of my life. (both laugh)

Felice: You... You said that you thought my hair was pretty when it got curly. It might sound a bit silly, but... it really meant a lot to me. The other girls didn't understand that I got up an hour earlier to straighten and fix my hair.

Felice (about August): So you don't have feelings for him? Fredrika saw you with him at the dinner.

Sara: Yes. I have feelings for August. But I have... I have stronger and more important feelings for you. And for Simon, and... for myself.

Sara (about their dad): I think that you've been right all along. You dare to give people a second chance. That's so brave.

Simon: Or just stupid. He'll always be like this.

Sara: Maybe. But that doesn't mean I don't want him in my life. Maybe some people never get things right. But that doesn't mean that you don't need them.

Sara: I've been wanting to tell you something.

Felice: I don't want to hear any more excuses.

Sara: That's not what I want to say. I know that what I did was wrong. And that you'll probably never forgive me. And I'll have to learn to live with that. But I also want you to know that I'm very grateful that you were my first real friend.

Sara: It all went wrong. I did something wrong.

Micke: Well, when it comes to... doing things wrong, I'm somewhat of an expert. And the anxiety that follows... that's the worst feeling in the world.

Sara (to Felice): I don't know what happened. I've never been in love before. It's like I went totally insane. I've always been able to tell right from wrong, but with him, it's like everything that's wrong felt totally right.

Sara: You... You were gonna take care of it. You were supposed to confess, August.

August: I have a responsibility now. I have to protect the royal family. Don't you get that? Even if Wille can't...

Sara: The thing only you protected was yourself. I trusted you, and you let me down, just like you did everyone else. How could I be so stupid?

(Wille is aiming gun at August to make him reveal who tipped him of, Sara and Felice come...)

Sara: It was me! It was me. I told him. I thought that if I gave him a chance, he would choose to confess himself. He was about to confess last winter.

Simon: What? Last winter?! What the f**k? Why?

Sara: 'Cause I was in love with him.

Simon: You knew all he's done to me, and still...

Sara: I know. I thought the damage was already done 'cause the video had gone viral. He told me he felt horrible and wanted to confess, and I believed him. I'm sorry, Simon. I'm sorry.

Wille (to August): You didn't think it enough to destroy my family, did you? You had to destroy one more, is that it? You couldn't get enough!

Sara: I have to tell you something. I'm in love with August. I wanted to tell you for such a long time, I promise, but I've been so afraid that you'd hate me. I'm sorry. I know that he's your ex and that you shouldn't... That it's wrong.

Felice: No, no. But you don't understand. You can't be in love with him. I don't give a sh*t about him being my ex. But he's the worst person in the world. He's not to be trusted.

Sara: I just got worried when you said that you're Wille's backup. Can you promise you won't hurt me?

August: Okay. I, King August, swear to you, Queen Sara, to take responsibility for you and my kingdom.

Sara (to Simon): You can't control your feelings. So if you have feelings for the wrong person, that can still feel... just right, you know? So... I don't know. It's hard to explain.

August: It just feels like everybody's gonna, like, hate me. and I'm, like, gonna lose... everything. I just feel like the... worst person in the world.

Sara: Yeah. But sometimes, it just feels like everyone hates you. It was like that for me. And if I could handle it, then... you can handle it too. (Sara and August start kissing) I don't think you're the worst person in the world.

Simon: You have to give people a chance.

Sara: Simon, you can't always just give everybody a chance. That's your biggest problem! You're just always trying to help everybody! First you tried to help Dad, then me, and now Wilhelm. You keep letting people piss on you!

Simon: At least I don't piss on my family, Sara. And I'm not trying to be someone I'm not.

Sara: No one likes me when I'm myself.

Simon: I like you when you are yourself!

Sara: Why did you do it?

August: I don't even know myself. It just happened.

Sara: I thought you and Wilhelm were friends.

August: Yeah. True.

Sara: So why?

August: Wilhelm's got everything! And he just spits on it. I've tried to help him several times, but... I mean, Erik took his role seriously. Wille, he just doesn't care. He's an embarrassment to the whole royal family.

Sara: That doesn't give you the right.

Sara Eriksson is a character from Young Royals

Young Royals Quotes

Young Royals Quotes


Sara Eriksson is a character in the Swedish television series “Young Royals,” portrayed by actress Frida Argento. She is introduced as the sister of Simon Eriksson. She loves horses which brings her to become friends with Felice Ehrencrona.

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