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August: You know that Erik loved you... more than anything else? That video, with the two of you guys, it wouldn't have meant a thing. Erik would've loved you no matter what. And I am... I'm so sorry... for everything. I really am. I'm sorry, Wilhelm.

Wille: Thank you.

(Students are on the strike, they don't have any food...)

August: You're complaining all the time. I mean, don't you find it, like... like quite nice to be a bit hungry sometimes, you know?

Nils: Excuse me, but what's nice about being hungry?

August: It's... motivating. Yeah, you might be a bit dizzy for a while and feel nauseous, but that will pass, and when it subsides, it becomes like... It's as if it all goes quiet... in your head. A calmness all through your body.

Simon: That sounds like an eating disorder.

August: I was... so angry with you. 'Cause you reported me to the police. And I get it. I deserve it. I... I really deserve it. It was my fault. I... I was the one who let you down first. I understand that now. And I don't want you to... destroy your life 'cause you... you are the only one I've ever been able to talk to. You're the only one who ever understood me. And I've missed you. I've missed you so freaking much that it hurts. And what we had together, it was good. You made me feel that I could be a better person...

Sara: August.

August: Please... Can't you at least come back to school? I don't... I don't want to be the reason that you don't come back.

August (about Wille): Well, I guess he's decided that I am... evil. And... I don't know, it's like... It might be true.

School psychologist: What makes you say that, August?

August: I don't see the point in even trying to be nice when I know that I won't ever be forgiven anyway.

School psychologist: It can actually make you feel very, very good, being nice to others. And to yourself. And sometimes, it might be impossible to be forgiven. But we still have to find a way to move on. And if we start making different choices, more selfless acts, we can at least get to the point where we can forgive ourselves.

(August asked Simon about Sara...)

Wille: August, what the hell do you think you're doing?

August: I... I just wanted to check...

Wille: We had a deal. We stay away from each other. You're not to talk to him. Or her.

August: You can't decide who I'm allowed to talk to...

Wille: You're not gonna talk. You're not gonna look. You're not even gonna breathe anywhere near us. You think you have power 'cause you're my spare, but you don't.

August: And do you? Huh?

Wille: August, my family owns you. You have to obey me.

August: No, I don't obey you. I'm not working for you. You're not the King yet.

August's lawyer: In exchange for August's silence, not to mention the generous financial compensation to the parties, we'll need assurance from the Royal Court that August is given an official title as the next in line to the throne after the Crown Prince.

Wille: But it doesn't matter if you... you have a title or not. You'll never be a part of my family. Just look at me! If you think I'm letting you take over, then you can forget it!

August: You won't have to let me take over.

Wille: No?

August: No.

Wille: Why not?

August: With your track record, you'll manage to f**k everything up all on your own.

Sara: You... You were gonna take care of it. You were supposed to confess, August.

August: I have a responsibility now. I have to protect the royal family. Don't you get that? Even if Wille can't...

Sara: The thing only you protected was yourself. I trusted you, and you let me down, just like you did everyone else. How could I be so stupid?

Sara: I just got worried when you said that you're Wille's backup. Can you promise you won't hurt me?

August: Okay. I, King August, swear to you, Queen Sara, to take responsibility for you and my kingdom.

August: It just feels like everybody's gonna, like, hate me. and I'm, like, gonna lose... everything. I just feel like the... worst person in the world.

Sara: Yeah. But sometimes, it just feels like everyone hates you. It was like that for me. And if I could handle it, then... you can handle it too. (Sara and August start kissing) I don't think you're the worst person in the world.

August: I don't think you understand how much I regret doing what I did. But there's something wrong with my f**king head, don't you get that? I've tried to apologize to him. I really have. I-I've been begging on my knees, and he just tries to humiliate me every f**king chance he gets. And I just keep waiting and waiting and waiting for that f**king kick in the head that will come when I least expect it! 'Cause I know it's coming. You know, the Royal Court won't take this lightly. They're probably... They're probably sitting around, probably planning how they... How they're gonna punish me, and I...

Sara: Why did you do it?

August: I don't even know myself. It just happened.

Sara: I thought you and Wilhelm were friends.

August: Yeah. True.

Sara: So why?

August: Wilhelm's got everything! And he just spits on it. I've tried to help him several times, but... I mean, Erik took his role seriously. Wille, he just doesn't care. He's an embarrassment to the whole royal family.

Sara: That doesn't give you the right.

Felice (about Wille): We just talked. We just talked about his brother.

August: Erik was like a brother to me too, and you know that. Your focus should be on comforting me so that I can comfort him. Give me the jacket! Give it to me. (takes Wille's jacket away from her and leaves)

Madison: Dump him.

(Wille comes back after hanging out with Simon and his friends...)

August: Was it educational?

Wille: Hi. Sorry, I was feeling a bit better. So I thought it was okay that I hung out with some friends.

August: I asked if it was educational. Your socialist safari.

August: I understand that you want to feel normal, go to a normal school, meet normal girls, go to normal parties. But how did that work out? The problem is that normal people will never see you as one of them. But here you're among your own. We could murder someone, and nobody would say a word. I promise you. Who wants to be normal anyway?

August is a character from Young Royals

Young Royals Quotes

Young Royals Quotes


August Horn of Årnäs is a character in the Swedish television series “Young Royals,” portrayed by actor Malte Gårdinger. He is introduced as a student at Hillerska, an elite boarding school where he becomes entangled in the complex social dynamics and romantic entanglements of the other characters. August is known for his charm, confidence, and popularity among his peers.

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