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Queen Kristina: I understand that the thing with Simon has been life-changing for you...

Wille: It's not about him. It's not about Simon, Mom. It's... It's this role. It's always been this role that's been the problem. To me. I know you think I'm gonna change my mind, but I won't. I don't want this. If you believe in monarchy, if you think that it's important that you're born into the right family, that this is right... then that is the heir for you (looks at August outside). And I understand that you're disappointed, but it's the truth. (to the bodyguards): Could you open the door? (the door opens, he turns to his parents): I love you both. (Wille leaves the car)

Queen Kristina (to the bodyguards): Let him go.

Queen Kristina: I mean, I understand that you might have doubts and mixed feelings. God knows it was the same for me. But, I mean... There must be a worse fate to be assigned than this one.

Wille: Yes, but that's the problem. We have been assigned this, we haven't chosen it. Nobody's chosen. The people haven't chosen. And I see how it makes you feel. (looks at his father) And how it makes you feel. I used to think that at least Erik was happy, but I don't think he was.

Queen Kristina: Wilhelm, one day, you will be an amazing king. I know that.

Wille: What happens if I don't want that?

Queen Kristina: But, please... Please, not today. We've talked about this...

Wille: No, I don't wanna upset you, Mom. I... That's the last thing I want. And I understand you have a hard time taking me seriously, 'cause I've said it before in frustration, and I've been impulsive. But you also haven't let me have an honest conversation about this.

Wille: I just wanted to thank you. For the song. I really love it. Even though it was sad and... and that everything was in vain. That we gave up.

Simon: Nothing was in vain. And I never gave up on us. I gave up on the royal family.

Wille: Simon, I don't understand. How the hell can it be over between us? Can't we just keep on fighting? How can you just be over me? Just like that? I can't imagine...

Simon: Wille...

Wille: I thought it would be us.

Simon: It has been us. And when it was us, it was good.

Simon: Can't we just forget everything that's happened? Just for tonight?

Wille: What... what does that even mean?

Simon: No royal family, no prince, no socialist, no drama! No before. No later. Only now. One last night together. We're worth it.

Wille: I... I'd like that.

Simon: How are you?

Wille: I... I'm... I feel... empty. And scared.

Felice (about Simon): It feels like you two are never truly over. Did he say he wasn't in love with you, or...?

Wille: No, he didn't, but... I don't know. You should've seen his face. He really meant it. And he's right. I mean, I understand him. I have to take responsibility for my own problems. I can't drag him down with me.

Wille: I'm your only son. Dad! Can you see me?

Queen Kristina: Wilhelm! That's no way to talk to your father! Not to me either!

Wille: I will talk as I please! You're my f**kin' parents! You should be there for me!

Queen Kristina: It is... It isn't that easy to be both your mother and your boss!

Wille: No, I've noticed because you're just as damn useless at both!

Wille: Erik was the one that I... He was the reasonable one. He was the one I could trust. He was my brother, and now... now I don't even know if he would've liked me.

Felice: Of course he would.

Simon: I don't wanna fight.

Wille: Me neither. I just don't understand why we get like this all the time.

Simon: 'Cause we are different? We think differently.

Wille: Hmm. Isn't that supposed to be a good thing? That we're different? That we... complement and learn from each other?

Simon: Do you learn things when you hang out with me?

Wille: Yeah. I just feel so damn... clumsy sometimes. I never want to hurt you, Simon.

Simon: Me neither.

Simon: I can both like you and be against the system.

Wille: But can you, really?

Simon: Yes, Wille. I'm not gonna initiate some coup. Of course I can. What is it about the monarchy that you like so much?

Wille: It's Sweden's history. I mean, we are one of the oldest monarchies in the world. We are a symbol that unites the people.

Simon: "Unites the people"? You sound like Jan-Olof.

Wille: But, come on, Simon. It is a real job. There are so many examples of diplomatic situations that the royal family has solved because the government wasn't able to.

Simon: Yeah, uh...

Wille: Where we could be a neutral party.

Simon: Everything you mentioned can be done without someone being born to do it. Letting the people choose. And without you, Wille, having had a choice. What... what kind of life is that?

Wille: It's a... It's really a privilege. Not a punishment.

Simon: I'm just saying that I've seen how it makes you feel.

(August asked Simon about Sara...)

Wille: August, what the hell do you think you're doing?

August: I... I just wanted to check...

Wille: We had a deal. We stay away from each other. You're not to talk to him. Or her.

August: You can't decide who I'm allowed to talk to...

Wille: You're not gonna talk. You're not gonna look. You're not even gonna breathe anywhere near us. You think you have power 'cause you're my spare, but you don't.

August: And do you? Huh?

Wille: August, my family owns you. You have to obey me.

August: No, I don't obey you. I'm not working for you. You're not the King yet.

Farima: I think we should remain calm until we know what the outcome is. But yes, if it turns out to be true, we have to act. It wouldn't look good if we didn't.

Wille: Okay, so the plan is to not do anything until it looks bad not to do anything?

Prince Wilhelm is a character from Young Royals

Young Royals Quotes

Young Royals Quotes


Prince Wilhelm (Wille) is one of the main characters in the Swedish television series “Young Royals.” He is portrayed by actor Edvin Ryding. Wille is the second in line to the Swedish throne and is introduced as a troubled teenager struggling with the pressures of royal life and expectations placed upon him by his family and society.


Throughout the series, Wilhelm’s closest friend is his classmate Simon. Simon is not of royal descent and provides a sense of normalcy and companionship for Wilhelm amidst the confines of palace life. Their friendship is tested as they navigate the complexities of love, loyalty, and personal identity.


Family dynamics play a significant role in Wilhelm’s character arc. He is the younger brother of Prince Erik, who is portrayed as the perfect heir to the throne, excelling in academics and adhering to royal traditions. Wilhelm’s strained relationship with his family and his struggle to assert his own identity form the central conflicts of the series. As Wilhelm grapples with his responsibilities as a prince and his desire for independence and authenticity, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth throughout the series.

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