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Simon: How are you?

Wille: I... I'm... I feel... empty. And scared.

(August tells his friends he's Wille's back-up...)

Vincent (to August): You had like... the perfect position. You were on the inside with no responsibilities. You could party in the background and you only got the benefits. But now... now they own you.

Nils: Damn. That's depressing, August. I mean... you want to be close to the royals, but you don't want to be one.

Vincent: Which is... is really good for us in fact.

Nils: Yeah, it's great for us.

Sara (about their dad): I think that you've been right all along. You dare to give people a second chance. That's so brave.

Simon: Or just stupid. He'll always be like this.

Sara: Maybe. But that doesn't mean I don't want him in my life. Maybe some people never get things right. But that doesn't mean that you don't need them.

Felice (about Simon): It feels like you two are never truly over. Did he say he wasn't in love with you, or...?

Wille: No, he didn't, but... I don't know. You should've seen his face. He really meant it. And he's right. I mean, I understand him. I have to take responsibility for my own problems. I can't drag him down with me.

Simon: I really try to be there for you. But then I just see how... everything just hurts you. This whole situation you're in. And that hurts me.

Wille: I'm sorry, Simon.

Simon: It's just like you... you became someone else. I don't recognize you. Love shouldn't be this hard.

Wille: What do you mean by that?

Simon: Maybe it just can't work. I can't do this anymore.

Wille: I'm your only son. Dad! Can you see me?

Queen Kristina: Wilhelm! That's no way to talk to your father! Not to me either!

Wille: I will talk as I please! You're my f**kin' parents! You should be there for me!

Queen Kristina: It is... It isn't that easy to be both your mother and your boss!

Wille: No, I've noticed because you're just as damn useless at both!

Simon: I just don't know if it's gonna happen. I mean, we had a fight. Kind of. I always try to be there for him. But whatever I do... well, it turns out wrong.

Linda: Sweetheart. You're not doing anything wrong. You know what? I think he's a wonderful boy. His life and his situation is what it is. But love... it shouldn't be this hard. Especially when you're this young.

Wille: Erik was the one that I... He was the reasonable one. He was the one I could trust. He was my brother, and now... now I don't even know if he would've liked me.

Felice: Of course he would.

Rosh: Since when do you care what the royals think?

Simon: Well, since I realized what it means to be together with one of them. I don't know, I'm... I'm just gonna try it out and go along with this. And just do whatever they say.

Ayub: When, uh, you deleted the photos of us... I don't want to seem sensitive or anything, but yeah, it kinda hurt.

Simon: I just deleted some apps, but that's not a huge deal, right?

Rosh: No, but maybe we just don't want you to, like, delete yourself. That's all we're saying.

Sara: I've been wanting to tell you something.

Felice: I don't want to hear any more excuses.

Sara: That's not what I want to say. I know that what I did was wrong. And that you'll probably never forgive me. And I'll have to learn to live with that. But I also want you to know that I'm very grateful that you were my first real friend.

Simon: I don't wanna fight.

Wille: Me neither. I just don't understand why we get like this all the time.

Simon: 'Cause we are different? We think differently.

Wille: Hmm. Isn't that supposed to be a good thing? That we're different? That we... complement and learn from each other?

Simon: Do you learn things when you hang out with me?

Wille: Yeah. I just feel so damn... clumsy sometimes. I never want to hurt you, Simon.

Simon: Me neither.

(Students are on the strike, they don't have any food...)

August: You're complaining all the time. I mean, don't you find it, like... like quite nice to be a bit hungry sometimes, you know?

Nils: Excuse me, but what's nice about being hungry?

August: It's... motivating. Yeah, you might be a bit dizzy for a while and feel nauseous, but that will pass, and when it subsides, it becomes like... It's as if it all goes quiet... in your head. A calmness all through your body.

Simon: That sounds like an eating disorder.

Simon: I can both like you and be against the system.

Wille: But can you, really?

Simon: Yes, Wille. I'm not gonna initiate some coup. Of course I can. What is it about the monarchy that you like so much?

Wille: It's Sweden's history. I mean, we are one of the oldest monarchies in the world. We are a symbol that unites the people.

Simon: "Unites the people"? You sound like Jan-Olof.

Wille: But, come on, Simon. It is a real job. There are so many examples of diplomatic situations that the royal family has solved because the government wasn't able to.

Simon: Yeah, uh...

Wille: Where we could be a neutral party.

Simon: Everything you mentioned can be done without someone being born to do it. Letting the people choose. And without you, Wille, having had a choice. What... what kind of life is that?

Wille: It's a... It's really a privilege. Not a punishment.

Simon: I'm just saying that I've seen how it makes you feel.

Micke (to Sara): I guess what I'm trying to say is, all that guilt and shame, I... think you and I feel those emotions stronger than others. But you can't let those emotions rule your life.

Sara: It all went wrong. I did something wrong.

Micke: Well, when it comes to... doing things wrong, I'm somewhat of an expert. And the anxiety that follows... that's the worst feeling in the world.

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