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Wille: This doesn't have to change anything between us. We're still us. It's just that we can't be seen together.

Simon: If I'm someone you have to hide...

Wille: But... Don't you realize all hell would break lose if I come out? How can you ask me to do that?

Simon: I'm not asking you to do that. You just expect everything to be on your terms. You... You need to figure out what you want. And you can take all the time you need. And I respect that. But you have to do it by yourself. I don't want to be anyone's secret.

Simon: You have to give people a chance.

Sara: Simon, you can't always just give everybody a chance. That's your biggest problem! You're just always trying to help everybody! First you tried to help Dad, then me, and now Wilhelm. You keep letting people piss on you!

Simon: At least I don't piss on my family, Sara. And I'm not trying to be someone I'm not.

Sara: No one likes me when I'm myself.

Simon: I like you when you are yourself!

Simon: What did you think? About my singing.

Wille: It was nice. Hmm. I heard so many voices, you know? Like, everyone up there on that stage, like, they were standing there beside you and... they were, like, lost in their own voices, in their own music. Do you know what I mean?

Simon: Yeah. Totally.

Wille: And then you sang, like, kind of... like, you were almost the loudest. And then I heard that you were, like, kind of... You were singing straight from your heart.

Simon (about the royals): Well, we all know who this country's biggest welfare receivers are.

Simon (to a teacher): Why is it called tax "evasion" but welfare "scam"? It's all right that rich people cheat, but when poor people do it, it's messed up. For rich people, it's not even called "welfare" it's called "deduction."

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Young Royals Quotes

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