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Wille: I just wanted to thank you. For the song. I really love it. Even though it was sad and... and that everything was in vain. That we gave up.

Simon: Nothing was in vain. And I never gave up on us. I gave up on the royal family.

Simon (singing):

'Cause we were a revolution

If only for each other

It shouldn't be a revolution

To love another

But you were my revolution

Before it fell apart

Fell apart, fell apart

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Simon (singing):

We were never what was wrong

And we do not have to follow

The way of others and where it leads

And remember when you said

I could get to be free

I hope that you will get there

And get to be you

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Simon (singing):

Remember when you said

Everyone is fake?

Just cold metal and imagined

But not you

Let your sorrow shine bright

You don't ever have to hide it

Let them see you for who you are

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Simon (singing):

It has been the two of us

I don't want to forget it

But promise me, please swear

That those who can't understand

Won't make you hide it

Who you are, deep inside

(From Simon's song 'Wille's Song')

Wille: Simon, I don't understand. How the hell can it be over between us? Can't we just keep on fighting? How can you just be over me? Just like that? I can't imagine...

Simon: Wille...

Wille: I thought it would be us.

Simon: It has been us. And when it was us, it was good.

Simon: Can't we just forget everything that's happened? Just for tonight?

Wille: What... what does that even mean?

Simon: No royal family, no prince, no socialist, no drama! No before. No later. Only now. One last night together. We're worth it.

Wille: I... I'd like that.

Sara (about their dad): I think that you've been right all along. You dare to give people a second chance. That's so brave.

Simon: Or just stupid. He'll always be like this.

Sara: Maybe. But that doesn't mean I don't want him in my life. Maybe some people never get things right. But that doesn't mean that you don't need them.

Simon: I really try to be there for you. But then I just see how... everything just hurts you. This whole situation you're in. And that hurts me.

Wille: I'm sorry, Simon.

Simon: It's just like you... you became someone else. I don't recognize you. Love shouldn't be this hard.

Wille: What do you mean by that?

Simon: Maybe it just can't work. I can't do this anymore.

Simon: I just don't know if it's gonna happen. I mean, we had a fight. Kind of. I always try to be there for him. But whatever I do... well, it turns out wrong.

Linda: Sweetheart. You're not doing anything wrong. You know what? I think he's a wonderful boy. His life and his situation is what it is. But love... it shouldn't be this hard. Especially when you're this young.

Rosh: Since when do you care what the royals think?

Simon: Well, since I realized what it means to be together with one of them. I don't know, I'm... I'm just gonna try it out and go along with this. And just do whatever they say.

Ayub: When, uh, you deleted the photos of us... I don't want to seem sensitive or anything, but yeah, it kinda hurt.

Simon: I just deleted some apps, but that's not a huge deal, right?

Rosh: No, but maybe we just don't want you to, like, delete yourself. That's all we're saying.

Simon: I don't wanna fight.

Wille: Me neither. I just don't understand why we get like this all the time.

Simon: 'Cause we are different? We think differently.

Wille: Hmm. Isn't that supposed to be a good thing? That we're different? That we... complement and learn from each other?

Simon: Do you learn things when you hang out with me?

Wille: Yeah. I just feel so damn... clumsy sometimes. I never want to hurt you, Simon.

Simon: Me neither.

(Students are on the strike, they don't have any food...)

August: You're complaining all the time. I mean, don't you find it, like... like quite nice to be a bit hungry sometimes, you know?

Nils: Excuse me, but what's nice about being hungry?

August: It's... motivating. Yeah, you might be a bit dizzy for a while and feel nauseous, but that will pass, and when it subsides, it becomes like... It's as if it all goes quiet... in your head. A calmness all through your body.

Simon: That sounds like an eating disorder.

Simon: I can both like you and be against the system.

Wille: But can you, really?

Simon: Yes, Wille. I'm not gonna initiate some coup. Of course I can. What is it about the monarchy that you like so much?

Wille: It's Sweden's history. I mean, we are one of the oldest monarchies in the world. We are a symbol that unites the people.

Simon: "Unites the people"? You sound like Jan-Olof.

Wille: But, come on, Simon. It is a real job. There are so many examples of diplomatic situations that the royal family has solved because the government wasn't able to.

Simon: Yeah, uh...

Wille: Where we could be a neutral party.

Simon: Everything you mentioned can be done without someone being born to do it. Letting the people choose. And without you, Wille, having had a choice. What... what kind of life is that?

Wille: It's a... It's really a privilege. Not a punishment.

Simon: I'm just saying that I've seen how it makes you feel.

Simon Eriksson is a character from Young Royals

Young Royals Quotes

Young Royals Quotes


Simon Eriksson is a central character in the Swedish television series “Young Royals.” He is portrayed by actor Omar Rudberg. Simon is introduced as a scholarship student at Hillerska, an elite boarding school where he forms an unlikely friendship with Prince Wilhelm, the second in line to the Swedish throne. Simon is known for his intelligence, loyalty, and strong sense of integrity.


Throughout the series, Simon’s best friend is Prince Wilhelm, played by Edvin Ryding. Despite their vastly different backgrounds and social statuses, Simon and Wilhelm share a deep bond built on mutual respect and understanding. Simon provides Wilhelm with a sense of normalcy and support, while Wilhelm helps Simon navigate the complexities of high-class life and societal expectations.


Family plays a significant role in Simon’s character development. He comes from a working-class background, and his family faces financial struggles. Simon’s determination to succeed academically and his desire to create a better future for himself and his family drive much of his character’s motivations. As Simon grapples with his feelings for Wilhelm and the challenges of maintaining their friendship in the face of societal pressures and expectations, he undergoes significant growth and transformation throughout the series.

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