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Felice: I don't really know if a trip to New York was what I needed when I was upset about what happened between us. They were friends who threw money at the problem instead of listening. I needed someone I could be honest with, and that's not always easy with them. But it is with you.

Sara: They're probably right that New York is a bit more fun than Bjärstad.

Felice: But you have a car. You can go somewhere else.

Sara: Like where?

Felice: Anywhere.

Felice: Do you remember when you helped me throw up here?

Sara: That was the best day of my life. (both laugh)

Felice: You... You said that you thought my hair was pretty when it got curly. It might sound a bit silly, but... it really meant a lot to me. The other girls didn't understand that I got up an hour earlier to straighten and fix my hair.

Felice (about Simon): It feels like you two are never truly over. Did he say he wasn't in love with you, or...?

Wille: No, he didn't, but... I don't know. You should've seen his face. He really meant it. And he's right. I mean, I understand him. I have to take responsibility for my own problems. I can't drag him down with me.

Wille: Erik was the one that I... He was the reasonable one. He was the one I could trust. He was my brother, and now... now I don't even know if he would've liked me.

Felice: Of course he would.

Fredrika: It's better to speak up when you're still studying here and not after your graduation and start complaining then, right?

Felice: But, I mean, take this, for example. Housemistress always tells me to put my hair up when I forget. But never you. I just mean that it's not always easy to be the only... Black girl with curly hair in our class.

Felice: You know, it's so strange 'cause I really... I'm so damn angry at her. But in some sick, ridiculous, twisted way, I still miss her. But I can't talk to the other girls about it either. Because they think that it's degrading to miss someone who's f**ked you over so damn hard.

Simon: Well, it is degrading. But yeah. I see what you mean.

Felice: But it's also like, how... how do you get over your best friend?

Sara: I have to tell you something. I'm in love with August. I wanted to tell you for such a long time, I promise, but I've been so afraid that you'd hate me. I'm sorry. I know that he's your ex and that you shouldn't... That it's wrong.

Felice: No, no. But you don't understand. You can't be in love with him. I don't give a sh*t about him being my ex. But he's the worst person in the world. He's not to be trusted.

Wille: Can't you just hold me?

Felice: Of course. (hugs him)

Wille: How long do I have to feel like this?

Felice: I mean, it will get better, even if it doesn't feel that way right now.

Felice Ehrencrona is a character from Young Royals

Young Royals Quotes

Young Royals Quotes


Felice Ehrencrona is a character in the Swedish television series “Young Royals,” portrayed by actress Nikita Uggla. She is introduced as a student at Hillerska, an elite boarding school where she becomes involved in the social dynamics and romantic entanglements of the other characters. Felice is known for her intelligence, confidence, and ambition.

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