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Michael: I never spent much time on Earth. I was... curious about the perception of God and Heaven.

Dean Winchester: And?

Michael: Amazingly, the believers loved him. They have for thousands of years. I guess my efforts were more effective than I'd hoped.

Sam Winchester: Y-Your efforts?

Michael: When God left Heaven, I was certain of his return. So I made sure all of the angels and prophets burnished his image on Earth. The all-knowing, all-seeing, all-caring God.

Dean Winchester: Daddy's boy.

Rowena: Fate says Sam Winchester's going to off me, which makes dinners a bit awkward, but does give one a certain sense of... security. So whilst I'm flattered, I think we can both do better.

Michael: Fine. Then how about this... I'll leave you alive, find another host, and then I'll kill every one of the people in this bunker... everyone you care about. And you do care about them, no matter what you tell them, no matter what you tell yourself. So... say yes. Choice is yours.

Dean Winchester: Get out of my head.

Michael: You don't mean that, Dean, not really. You may lie to them, but, deep down, I know you. I am you. You only tolerate the angel because you think you owe him, because he "gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition." Or whatever. But since then, what has he done? Only made mistakes, one after the other. And, Sam... oh, Sam... You know, Dean was his happiest when you quit hunting, leaving him with your dad, just the two of them. See, deep down, he knows that you will always abandon him, again and again.

Dean Winchester: Shut up!

Michael: You don't need them. You don't even like them. They're not your family... they're your responsibilities. They're a weight around your neck. And deep down, you wanted... you were desperate to get away from them. And that is why you said yes.

Castiel: Why do you hate this world enough to burn it to the ground?

Michael: Because I can. Because... Me and my brother... my Lucifer... when we fought in my world, we thought that God would come back, give us answers... why He'd gone, what we'd done... but, instead, do you know what happened? Nothing. No God. Nothing. And now... now that I'm in here... now I know why. God... Chuck... is a writer, and like all writers, He churns out draft after draft. My world? This world? Nothing but failed drafts. And when He realizes that they're flawed, He moves on and tries again.

Castiel: No, that's not how... Why would He do that?

Michael: Because He doesn't care! About you, me... anything. Now, at first, I thought I'd do it better. Show Him. Be more God than God. But now... I just want to burn every one of His little worlds until I catch up to the old man.

Castiel: And then what?

Michael: Even God can die.

Jack: You don't know anything about Dean.

Michael: I'm in his head... literally. I know everything. Like, I know how sad he was when you died... on the outside. On the inside, well, it's not that he was happy... he just didn't care. 'Cause you're not Sam. You're not Cas. You're a new burden that he was handed. You're a weak, helpless thing. You think that they care about you, love you? You're a job, a job none of them wanted.

Michael: Nothing's changed. Either my monsters get here or I break these chains. But tonight... everybody dies. And, Sam? The last thing you'll see is this pretty smile... as I rip you apart.

Sam Winchester: Dean. Come on, Dean. Are you in there?

Michael: Dean's not home right now. Please leave a message.

Michael: When I gave up Dean, you didn't think to question it, to ask why? Dean was... resisting me. He was too attached to you, to all of you. He wouldn't stop squirming... to get out, to get back. So I left... but not without leaving the door open... just a crack.

Castiel: Why wait?

Michael: To break him, to crush and disappoint him so completely that, this time, he'll be nice and quiet for a change... buried. And he is. He's gone. And now... I have a whole army out there, waiting, ready for my command, ready...for this. (snaps his fingers)

Michael: Isn't it time you had your due?

Philippe: Our due?

Michael: There are ways to enhance your... let's call them talents.

Philippe: And these ways are...

Michael: Fully tested. There were some misfires early. I will admit to that. But I have cracked the code.

Philippe: And now what? Do you propose we wage a war on the humans, keeping only as many of them alive as we need for slave labor and a steady food supply? Because I love that world. But, believe me, it's an absurd dream.

Michael: Is it? Why be the hunted... when you can be the hunter?

Jamil Hamed: What do you want?

Michael: What I have always wanted... a better world.

Lucifer: I saw how they do the spell. I know what it takes. It's some blood, some fruit, a glow-y rock, and then... Bam. We step through, both of us.

Michael: And then?

Lucifer: And then I get my son, and you get...

Michael: Everything else. Are we agreed?

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