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Dean Winchester: It's a hell of a time to bail. You got a lot of people counting on you, people with questions. They're gonna need answers.

Jack: And those answers will be in each of them. Maybe not today, but... someday. People don't need to pray to me or to sacrifice to me. They just need to know that I'm already a part of them and to trust in that. I won't be hands on. Chuck put himself in the story. That was his mistake. But I learned from you and my mother and Castiel that... when people have to be their best... they can be. And that's what to believe in.

Chuck: What kind of an ending is this?

Sam Winchester: His power. You sure it won't come back?

Jack: It's not his power anymore.

Sam Winchester: Then I think it's the ending where you're just like us and like all the other humans you forgot about.

Dean Winchester: It's the ending where you grow old, you get sick, and you just die.

Sam Winchester: And no one cares. And no one remembers you. You're just forgotten.

(Sam, Dean and Jack get into the Impala and drive away, leaving Chuck behind...)

Chuck: Guys... Guys... wait. Guys... Guys! No, wait. G-Guys... Guys, wait! Guys, wait! Guys, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Please wait! Guys!

Dean Winchester: What I said to Sam, you didn't need to hear that. Alright? Not now. Not with the weight that you're carrying... For us, for this world. Jack... I don't know how to explain it, but what I found out about Chuck... it's like... It's like I wasn't alive. Not really. You know, like, my whole life I've never been free. But like, really free. But now... now me and Sam, we got a shot at living a life. Without all this crap on our backs. And that's... That's because of you. So, I... I... I wanted to say... I need to say... Thank you, Jack. Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Sam Winchester: Does any of this feel right to you?!

Dean Winchester: It doesn't matter how we feel! You know what? Stay. Stay. But somebody's gotta be the grownup here.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, well, someone has to keep fighting for Jack.

Dean Winchester: He knows what he signed up for!

Sam Winchester: Last I checked, we don't give up on family.

Dean Winchester: Jack's not family! I know how you feel about the kid, okay. I care for him, too. I do. But he's not like you. He's not like Cas. He's just not.

Jack: I'm... I'm ready.

(Jack is making an account for social media...)

Jack: It says I need a parent or guardian's permission to join.

Castiel: You have my permission.

Jack (talking to his tablet): Ah. I have his permission.

Castiel: What are you doing?

Jack: I'm looking up Conner online. Like Sam always says, when in doubt, try social media.

Castiel: Oh, yeah. I did that once. There we so many cat photos, it was just... There were too many cats.

Castiel: Agent Swift. And this is, uh...

Jack: Agent Lovato. FBI.

Police Officer: In the field long, Lovato? You look greener than Baby Yoda.

Castiel: He's a... very smart, very, uh, pale young man.

Jack: I just graduated from CSI.

(Castiel is thinking about going to investigate a potential case with Jack...)

Dean Winchester: Just get out there, you know, stay busy.

Castiel: With a murder investigation?

Dean Winchester: Yeah.

Castiel: Sam?

Sam Winchester: Dean's not wrong. And, look, this case, uh, maybe you can help.

Dean Winchester: Alright, well, you guys go "Highway to Heaven" that b*tch.

Jack: I'll get my suit. Can we wear matching ties?

Castiel: Yeah. Blue's a good color on you.

Jack Kline: You know, Sam and Dean, they were grateful.

Mary Winchester: If Sam and Dean saw what you did, they would be as worried as I am.

Jack Kline: Are you gonna tell them?

Mary Winchester: You need help, we'll help you. We're your family.

Jack Kline: You can't.

Mary Winchester: We care about you, Jack.

Jack Kline: No, just leave me alone.

Jack Kline: Mary. Nick... he was a bad person, a killer. I had to stop him.

Mary Winchester: Not like that.

Jack Kline: He deserved it.

Mary Winchester: Take me home, Jack.

Jack Kline: I-I will. I will. I-I just... Tell me it's okay.

Mary Winchester: It's not. You're not.

Mary Winchester: How about you? Feeling better?

Jack Kline: Everybody keeps asking me that.

Mary Winchester: We're family. It's our job.

Jack Kline: Well, it's annoying.

(Dean is setting up the Mouse Trap board game...)

Dean Winchester: Son of a b*tch!

Jack Kline: I thought this was supposed to relax him.

Mary Winchester: Um, it will... I hope. I just thought it would be nice to stay in for a change. You know, this was his favorite game when he was little.

Eliot: Are you like... a Jedi or something?

Jack Kline: Kinda.

Jack Kline: What's that?

Max: Music?

Jack Kline: I like The Who.

Stacy: Who?

Max: My aunt listens to them. They're... old.

Jack Kline: Well, Dean says any music made after 1979 "sucks ass."

Max: That's because Dean is also old.

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