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Michael: I never spent much time on Earth. I was... curious about the perception of God and Heaven.

Dean Winchester: And?

Michael: Amazingly, the believers loved him. They have for thousands of years. I guess my efforts were more effective than I'd hoped.

Sam Winchester: Y-Your efforts?

Michael: When God left Heaven, I was certain of his return. So I made sure all of the angels and prophets burnished his image on Earth. The all-knowing, all-seeing, all-caring God.

Dean Winchester: Daddy's boy.

(Dean finds a dog...)

Dean Winchester: Don't worry about him. He'll warm up to you. Maybe we'll let you sleep in his room. Here we go. Good boy. Hey. Come here. You know, believe it or not, you're the best thing that's happened in the last few days. Yeah, you are. Good boy.

(The dog disappears, Chuck shows up smiling at Dean...)

Dean Winchester: Unbelievable. (Later to Sam): Can't even save a friggin' dog.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, maybe that's the point. No one left to help. No one but us.

Sam Winchester: You found a dog?

Dean Winchester: Yeah. I guess Chuck didn't get everything. I mean, maybe there's people he missed, you know? Look, either way, this guy's coming home with us.

Sam Winchester: You're gonna let a dog sit in the Impala?

Dean Winchester: Relax. I'm not giving him shotgun. Unless you're cool with that.

Castiel: When Jack was dying, I... I made a deal to save him.

Dean Winchester: You what?

Castiel: The... The price was my life. When I experienced a moment of true happiness, the Empty would be summoned and it would take me forever.

Dean Winchester: Why are you telling me this now?

Castiel: I always wondered, ever since I took that burden, that curse, I wondered what it could be, what... What my true happiness could even look like. I never found an answer. Because the one thing I want... it's something I know I can't have. But I think I know... I think I know now. Happiness isn't in the having. It's in just being. It's in just saying it.

Billie: It's you, Dean. It's always been you. Death-defying, rule-breaking. You are everything I lived to set right. To put down. To tame. You are human disorder incarnate.

(Dean and Cas come to Death's library...)

Billie: So, I guess this is the part where I say, "Hello, boys." Hello, boys. What's the plan?

Dean Winchester: Well, whatever Chuck did to Amara, he's probably more powerful than ever. Billie wants us dead, Jack's powerless, and Michael's not returning our prayers. So we have no heavy hitters on our side. We're basically at zero.

Sam Winchester: We'll regroup somehow.

Dean Winchester: Right. Yeah, to somehow.

Chuck: You know, I tried and I tried and I tried, but you're all just too stupid, too stubborn. Too broken. You know what? I'm over it. I'm over you.

Sam Winchester: Yeah? Good.

Dean Winchester: Screw you, Chuck.

Chuck: No, screw you. You know what you do with broken toys? You throw them out. So, kill each other, don't kill each other... I don't care.

Castiel: What, you consumed your sister?

Chuck: We came to an understanding, so spare me your contempt, Castiel, the self-hating angel of Thursday. You know what every other version of you did after "gripping him tight and raising him from perdition?" They did what they were told. But not you! Not the "one off the line with a crack in his chassis."

(Dean aims his gun at Sam...)

Dean Winchester: Chuck has to die. He has to! Otherwise he'll keep us tap dancing forever, and I can't live like that, man! I can't live like that! I won't!

Sam Winchester: I know you feel like that right now, okay. I know you do. But you gotta trust me. My entire life, you've protected me... From Dad, from Lucifer, from everything. I didn't always like it, you know, but... it's the one thing in the whole world that I could always count on. It's the only thing I've ever known that was true. So please... put the gun away. Just put it away, and we'll figure it out, Dean, we'll find another way, you and me. We always do.

(Dean puts away his gun...)

Chuck: Are you kidding me?! After everything, all that, you... you did it again!

Dean Winchester: What I said to Sam, you didn't need to hear that. Alright? Not now. Not with the weight that you're carrying... For us, for this world. Jack... I don't know how to explain it, but what I found out about Chuck... it's like... It's like I wasn't alive. Not really. You know, like, my whole life I've never been free. But like, really free. But now... now me and Sam, we got a shot at living a life. Without all this crap on our backs. And that's... That's because of you. So, I... I... I wanted to say... I need to say... Thank you, Jack. Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Chuck: Is this a parent trap sort of thing? 'Cause no. No way. Hasta la vis... (Tries to teleport...) Hasta la... Okay, well, why is that not working? Is this a trap?

Amara: I gave you an out, but you just wouldn't take it.

Chuck: You B-word!

Chuck: I've made up my mind. We can go round and round, but you know me. In the end, I always get what I want.

Amara: What about what "I" want.

Chuck: Okay... what do you want?

Amara: Balance... something we've never tried before... Creation and destruction, light and dark, brother and sister united again, but on behalf of one world... This world. True balance. The way it was always meant to be.

Chuck: Hmm.

Amara: But you can't. You only care about your pleasure. Your story. Well, I guess that makes you the villain.

Chuck: Villains get all the best lines.

Chuck: You don't understand.

Amara: Oh, I think I do. You want to evaporate every kernel of existence because the Winchesters won't do what you say.

Chuck: It's not about that. It's about everywhere I look, I'm reminded of my failures. Like, why did I go with carbon-based life? Why not silicon? Or yttrium? Zeroing out... starting fresh. That's what I need.

Amara: None of this was a failure... Not a tree, not a human...

Chuck: Humans! Humans are the worst. Lame, disappointing. They ruin everything they touch. And they're just so boring! I'm over them.

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