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Jack Kline: When it was gone, how did you... how'd you feel?

Donatello Redfield: Like... the galaxy. You know, Jack, our galaxy's all bright and shiny and spinny, but in its center lies this very large black hole. It's the same with me. I'm all bright and shiny, obviously... Not so much spinny. But inside? Empty.

Jack Kline: So you feel bad?

Donatello Redfield: I feel... nothing. Losing your soul doesn't make you bad. It doesn't make you anything. It's, um... an absence of... of pity, of empathy... of humanity. How do you feel, Jack?

Jack Kline: I don't know. I know I don't feel...nothing, but I don't feel the same, either. And maybe I just don't know what nothing feels like.


Castiel: Sam, I don't know what's happened. I don't know if this is a spell or a curse or... or what's happened, but you will snap the hell out of it!

Sam Winchester: Sir, you watch your mouth. If we cannot remain civil, then you can skedaddle.

Castiel: Sam...

Sam Winchester: That's not my name! Cindy, grab his hat!

Castiel: I don't wear a hat!

Mrs Smith: Honey, I don't think he wore a hat!

Sam Winchester: Fine! Sir, using language like, uh, "H-E-double hockey sticks"... You should have your mouth washed out with soap.

Castiel: Sam...

Sam Winchester: It's Justin.

Castiel: I'm gonna... Double hockey sticks?


Castiel: I'm looking for my partner.

Mrs. Dowling: Oh. The very nice, the very tall fella?

Castiel: Yes.

Mrs. Dowling: Hm. He said he's going for a walk. And a milkshake.

(Later... in the milkshake place)

Castiel: I'm looking for my partner.

Sunny Harrington: Who?

Castiel: The man I came in with yesterday.

Sunny Harrington: Oh, the tall man.

Castiel: Yes, the very tall man.

(Later... at the Smith residence)

Castiel: I'm looking for my partner. The tall man. Hair? He has beautiful hair?

Mrs Smith: What?

Castiel: Uhh. This is complicated.


Jack Kline: I'm trying different foods for the snake.

Dean Winchester: Why?

Jack Kline: I think he's sad.

Dean Winchester: Oh. Have you tried bacon?

Jack Kline: Do snakes like bacon?

Dean Winchester: I don't know. I like bacon.


Castiel (to Sam): It's like we're stepping into a Saturday Evening Post. I look at them sometimes after you fall asleep at night. They're very soothing.


Castiel: Thought you, uh, were gonna sleep until the cows dragged you home.

Dean Winchester: That's not the... Never mind.

(Few minutes later...)

Castiel: And then... Sleep until the cows come home.

Dean Winchester: There it is.

Castiel: That's the saying.


Rowena: Fate says Sam Winchester's going to off me, which makes dinners a bit awkward, but does give one a certain sense of... security. So whilst I'm flattered, I think we can both do better.

Michael: Fine. Then how about this... I'll leave you alive, find another host, and then I'll kill every one of the people in this bunker... everyone you care about. And you do care about them, no matter what you tell them, no matter what you tell yourself. So... say yes. Choice is yours.

Jack Kline: I can't... think about losing him or... or Sam or you. I-I just... I hate... I hate thinking about it.

Castiel: Yeah. So do I. But, Jack... you know, Sam and Dean, they're human, and they're very extraordinary, brave, special humans, but they're... They're still humans. And humans burn bright, but for a very brief time compared to, you know, things like us. And eventually, they're gone, even the very best ones, and we have to carry on. It's just... It's part of growing up.

Jack Kline: Losing people?

Castiel: Yes.

Jack Kline: What's the point?

Castiel: The point?

Jack Kline: What's the point of being a cosmic being if everyone I care about is just gonna... leave?

Castiel: The point is that they were here at all and you got to know them, you... When they're gone, it will hurt, but that hurt will remind you of how much you loved them.

Jack Kline: That sounds... awful.

Castiel: It is. But it's also living. So when Dean wakes up... And he will wake up... We just have to remember to appreciate the time that we all have together now.

Gorgon: Have you ever heard the story of the black snake? Once there was a crafty black snake who kept eating this poor chicken's eggs. She couldn't watch them all the time, you see? The black snake would wait until she was gone... and then slide one of the eggs into his mouth and crush it in his throat. Now, this went on until there was only one egg left. But when the chicken left that egg, just for a moment, the snake swallowed it up. But for some reason, he couldn't crush it in his throat. The chicken had hard-boiled her final egg just to choke the snake. And the snake died.

Castiel: Why are you telling this story?

Gorgon: Because I can't quite tell if he's the chicken... or the snake. (meaning Jack)

Sam Winchester: Maggie says decapitation is the only way to kill these things.

Dean Winchester: But if we cut off their head, then is more creatures gonna crawl out?

Jack Kline: Wait. Other creatures?

Sam Winchester: H-He's talking about "Clash of the Titans" again.

Dean Winchester: We don't know...


(Rowena and Sam are pretending to be married couple...)

Rowena (to Sam): I realize it's not... pretending to be the FBI. But there are other ways of doing things, Samuel. Plus... I thought my performance was quite magnificent.

Dean Winchester: I'm on a first-name basis with some psycho pen pal. That's aces.

Castiel: Somehow he knows you. But you're not standing alone. Why doesn't he mention me?

Dean Winchester: Maybe you're not his type.