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Mick Davies (to Dr. Hess): The code is what makes a young boy kill his best friend. When I was a child, I had nothing. I owed you everything, and I obeyed. But I'm a man now, Dr. Hess, and I can see the choices, and I choose to do the right thing.

Arthur Ketch: Um, you'll make with the typey typey, yes?

Mick Davies: I'll file the report.

Arthur Ketch: Splendid. Ciao.

Dean Winchester (to Mick): You stay with her.

Sam Winchester: You trust him?

Dean Winchester: Mick's a smart guy. So when I say that if anything happens to her, and I mean anything...

Mick Davies: You'll kill me.

Dean Winchester: Like I said, smart.

Dean Winchester: Things aren't just black and white out here. All you have is a case in front of you, like Hayden. A few months ago, there was this kid, this psychic. She was killing people, but she didn't mean to hurt anyone. She was being abused. So we gave her a second chance because it was the right thing to do.

Mick Davies: Well... that's your luxury. We have a code.

(Flashback showing Mr. Ketch killing the psychic girl)

(In the morning, Sam, Dean and Mick are leaving the hotel...)

Mick Davies: So how were your accommodations, lads?

Dean Winchester: I've had better nights sleep in my Baby. Get in. Let's go. (to Sam): Not gonna give him the satisfaction.

Mick Davies: Booked us all suites.

Sam Winchester: Wait, you... We're in separate rooms?

Mick Davies: Yeah, of course.

Dean Winchester: You say three stars?

Mick Davies: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: So we're talking fresh towels, little baby shampoos?

Mick Davies: Uh-huh. And I believe there's a pool.

(Sam, Dean and Mick arrive at a hotel...)

Sam Winchester: This place, uh, seems a little...

Mick Davies: Shabby? Yeah. Three stars was the best I could do. Least our bean counters will be happy.

(Mick arrives with Cas to the cellar where Toni was holding Sam hostage and Dean came to rescue him...)

Mick: I powered down all the wardings in this shack so your attack dog could come in. I reckon you could finish me off without breaking a sweat. Am I right?

Castiel: I don't sweat under any circumstances.

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