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Lucifer: Pop was the one who let me out of the Empty. I'm sort of the new favorite now. What did Dad say about you? Oh, yeah. "Mikey's a cuck."

Lucifer: Good try, Dean. I'll give you that, buddy. I'm not just powerful now. I am power. And I don't need a blade to end you, pal.

Sam Winchester: Dean! (Sam throws the archangel blade to Dean)

Lucifer: Bye-bye, Dean.

(Dean stabs Lucifer with it)

Jack: Is he...

Sam Winchester: He... he's dead.

Dean Winchester: Holy crap.

Sam Winchester: You did it.

Dean Winchester: No. No, we did it. We did it.

Lucifer (to Sam and Jack): Now I could... I probably should... execute you. I mean, really, really use my imagination. But I'm feeling generous today. So one of you is gonna walk out that door, and the other one will be laying dead on the ground. You choose.

Sam Winchester: No.

Lucifer: Or you could do that, and I can murder you both and end all life in the universe. Remake it in my image, better than Dad ever could. I'm thinkin'... mm... fire-breathing dragons, sassy talking robots. I might give humans another chance if they know their place and worship me, 'cause I've earned it. But hey, it'll probably take a few days to unravel the universe, Maybe, uh, 7, 10 days tops. So maybe, just maybe, one of you could stop me. Maybe. Well, let's see. Clock's ticking, guys.

Sam Winchester: Go to hell.

Lucifer: Hell, yeah. Been there. Done that.

Lucifer (to Jack): We could've been something, you and me. We could've remade the universe. It would've been great. We could've been better gods than Dad. And I really wanted that, pal. I wanted that. But now if I can't have it with you, I... I don't need ya. I just need your power.

Lucifer: So what?! I killed the girl! Big deal! She's a... she's a human! She doesn't matter!

Jack: So am I!

Lucifer: Yeah? And that's your problem. You're too much like your mother.

Castiel: What, and you're just gonna leave the rest of us here to burn?

Lucifer: Okay. Hold on a second. Let's slow down, 'cause I... I'm not currently the bad guy here.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, tell that to Maggie.

Jack: What about Maggie?

Sam Winchester: Maggie saw the eyes of the person who killed her... the glowing, red eyes.

Lucifer: You're gonna... you're gonna believe this guy? Come on, man! Sam's a hater! He would say anything to get you on his side.

Jack: Tell me. Tell me the truth!

(Jack compels Lucifer to tell the truth)

Lucifer: She saw me when I was scouting out the bunker. She saw me and she screamed, and then... so I crushed her skull with my bare hands. And it was warm and wet, and I liked it.

Jack: You're not my father. You're a monster.

Lucifer: I saw how they do the spell. I know what it takes. It's some blood, some fruit, a glow-y rock, and then... Bam. We step through, both of us.

Michael: And then?

Lucifer: And then I get my son, and you get...

Michael: Everything else. Are we agreed?

Gabriel: Lucifer, do you really see a version here where he sticks by you?

Lucifer: I think the kid is pretty blown away by the old man, so... Yeah. I do.

Gabriel: He's a kid. He likes shiny objects and magic tricks. But he's not like you. I can see it in his eyes. His mother's bloodline, the Winchesters' influence...

Lucifer: I can be an influence.

Gabriel: Ugh. He's not gonna want that. He'll see who... what you are.

Lucifer: I've changed.

Gabriel: Dude, it's me. I've known you since the stars were made. You can't change. You're incapable of empathy or love. You live to be worshipped or feared. Or both.

Lucifer: Okay. I-I see that you've -- you've drunk the Kool-Aid. Fine.

Gabriel: Oh, is this the part where you tell me that, uh, Dad made up all those so-called lies about you? Got it.

Lucifer: Yeah! Yeah, Pop locked me up, okay?

Gabriel: Don't you get it? Humans were innocent and beautiful. But you... you couldn't stand that the old man loved them more than he loved you. So you tempted them and you corrupted them just to prove how flawed they were.

Lucifer: You better be careful, man.

Gabriel: Dad saw that your evil was like the first few cells of cancer... that it would spread like the disease unless he cut it out. That is why he locked you up, to stop the cancer. But it was too late then. And guess what? It's too late for you now.

Lucifer (to Mary): Hey, mama. Miss me? (Mary punches him) Uhh! That's a yes?

(Lucifer wakes up at the bunker)

Lucifer: Oh, hey, Sam. Oh, look at this. All the people I love to torture in the same room. What's the occasion, guys?

Gabriel: Hey, brother.

Lucifer: Aah! I killed you.

Gabriel: Surprise.

Lucifer: Ugh!

(Lucifer runs off the backdoor and appears back at the entrance)

Gabriel: Welcome back.

Lucifer: Whoa. Okay. What in the hell did you put in that drink, man?

Rowena: White sage, a little burdock, a pinch of salt. Very simple ingredients for a very potent spell.

Lucifer (laughing hysterically): I... I killed you, too.

Anael: So humans don't like you. Oh, wow. I'm sorry. Instead of bellyaching about it, why don't you make Heaven right? Make good on your promises. Make angels. Give the existing ones their wings back.

Lucifer: Yeah, I-I can't really do that.

Anael: What?

Lucifer: I lied, so, uh, just keep that to yourself, though, okay?

Anael: So you know... It's not the humans. It's not the angels. It's not your father's propaganda that's killing you. It's your complete failure. You say you want to find your son, but you don't. Not really. So you sit there because you're afraid. You're afraid of him, afraid of looking into in his eyes and seeing nothing but contempt. You can't replace your father. You can't create anything. You have nothing. You might as well go back to the Cage. (Lucifer chokes her and almost kills her) And now you don't have me.

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