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Sam Winchester Quotes

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Sam Winchester: We, uh, just wish you'd checked in with the main office before coming all the way out here.

Bobby Singer: Well, we don't need permission to look at houses. Especially when the main office is run by a bunch of idjits.

Dean Winchester: Next year, we're doing Halloween right, okay? I'm thinking matching outfits like, uh... Batman and Robin.

Sam Winchester: No.

Dean Winchester: Bert and Ernie.

Sam Winchester: No.

Dean Winchester: That's weird.

Sam Winchester: Yes.

Dean Winchester: Uh... Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Sam Winchester: Dean...

Dean Winchester: Shaggy and Scooby.

Sam Winchester: Why would we...

Dean Winchester: Turner and Hooch. Ren and Stimpy.

Sam Winchester: Come on, now.

Dean Winchester: Thelma and Louise.

Sam Winchester: Thelma and...

Dean Winchester: We just put it in drive and go.

(Sam is making a bomb)

Samantha: Where did you learn how to do this?

Sam Winchester: I had a messed-up childhood.

Dean Winchester: It's just every time I think about it, you know, it's like a... it's like a nightmare. I mean, I can't eat. I can't sleep. It's always just there, watching.

Sam Winchester: Dean, it's just a beard. I've been a little busy lately.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, well, that's not an excuse. You know, 'cause, "Duck Dynasty" called, and they just... they want it all back.

Sam Winchester: Some people say I look good.

Dean Winchester: No. No, Sam. No people say that.

Lucifer: Good try, Dean. I'll give you that, buddy. I'm not just powerful now. I am power. And I don't need a blade to end you, pal.

Sam Winchester: Dean! (Sam throws the archangel blade to Dean)

Lucifer: Bye-bye, Dean.

(Dean stabs Lucifer with it)

Jack: Is he...

Sam Winchester: He... he's dead.

Dean Winchester: Holy crap.

Sam Winchester: You did it.

Dean Winchester: No. No, we did it. We did it.

Sam Winchester: You can stop him, Jack. You can get your power back.

Jack: No, I-I c-can't. I can't beat him. But you can.

Sam Winchester: What?

Jack: I know you can.

Sam Winchester: No, no, no, no, no. Jack. Don't! Jack! Jack!

Jack: I love you. I love all of you. (Jack stabs himself, but Michael!Dean arrives)

Lucifer (to Sam and Jack): Now I could... I probably should... execute you. I mean, really, really use my imagination. But I'm feeling generous today. So one of you is gonna walk out that door, and the other one will be laying dead on the ground. You choose.

Sam Winchester: No.

Lucifer: Or you could do that, and I can murder you both and end all life in the universe. Remake it in my image, better than Dad ever could. I'm thinkin'... mm... fire-breathing dragons, sassy talking robots. I might give humans another chance if they know their place and worship me, 'cause I've earned it. But hey, it'll probably take a few days to unravel the universe, Maybe, uh, 7, 10 days tops. So maybe, just maybe, one of you could stop me. Maybe. Well, let's see. Clock's ticking, guys.


Sam Winchester: Go to hell.

Lucifer: Hell, yeah. Been there. Done that.


Castiel: What, and you're just gonna leave the rest of us here to burn?

Lucifer: Okay. Hold on a second. Let's slow down, 'cause I... I'm not currently the bad guy here.

Sam Winchester: Yeah, tell that to Maggie.

Jack: What about Maggie?

Sam Winchester: Maggie saw the eyes of the person who killed her... the glowing, red eyes.

Lucifer: You're gonna... you're gonna believe this guy? Come on, man! Sam's a hater! He would say anything to get you on his side.

Jack: Tell me. Tell me the truth!

(Jack compels Lucifer to tell the truth)

Lucifer: She saw me when I was scouting out the bunker. She saw me and she screamed, and then... so I crushed her skull with my bare hands. And it was warm and wet, and I liked it.

Jack: You're not my father. You're a monster.

Dean Winchester: Hey, you remember... remember when you asked if we could stop it? All the evil in the world?

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: If we could... really change things? Well, maybe with Jack, we can.

Sam Winchester: Maybe you're right. But then what will we do?

Dean Winchester: Mm. Yeah. This. (holds up a beer) A whole lot of this. But on a beach somewhere, you know? Can you imagine? You, me, Cas, toes in the sand, couple of them little umbrella drinks. Matching Hawaiian shirts, obviously. Some hula girls.

Sam Winchester: You talking about retiring? You?

Dean Winchester: If I knew the world was safe? Hell, yeah. And you know why? 'Cause we freaking earned it, man.

Sam Winchester: I'll drink to that.

Dean Winchester: Yeah. Hell, yeah.

Sam Winchester: How many are inside?

Castiel: I can hear three. Wait, maybe... maybe four. They're talking about whether Kylie Jenner would make a good mother. The consensus is no.

Dean Winchester: Yeah, well, that's why I'm a Khloé man. All right, we're talking werewolves, which means...

Jack: Silver bullets.

Sam Winchester: The ice caps are melting. People marching. A little bit of, uh, craziness in the movie world. Businessman billionaire mogul turned President, embroiled in yet another controversy. And that... is pretty much the world... uh, our world... right now.

Bobby Singer: Let me get this right... the ice caps are melting, a movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish... wins Best Picture, and that damn fool idjit from “The Apprentice”, is President.

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Bobby Singer: And you call where we come from “Apocalypse World”.

Sam Winchester: Good point.