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Dean Winchester: We hunt monsters all over the country.

Alternate!Dean: It's exhausting, isn't it?

Dean Winchester: Mm.

Alternate!Dean: But we... we do it worldwide. We have to keep two sets of pilots on standby.

Sam Winchester: You guys have your own plane?

Alternate!Sam: You don't? Oh, dear. How do you manage?

Sam Winchester: How do you afford it?

Alternate!Dean: We get paid. For Hunting monsters.

Dean Winchester: You what?

Dean Winchester: You sure you can swing this again?

Sam Winchester: Well, we have Rowena's notes for the spell so...

Dean Winchester: Okay, "Samwitch."

Dean Winchester: How you feeling 'bout this?

Sam Winchester: Honestly? Feels like we're taking a big, probably stupid risk. Feels good. Disobeying cosmic entities, doing the, uh... dumb, right thing? Feels like we're back.

Dean Winchester: Man, I've been slinging pool cues since before you were born.

Sam Winchester: What? When you were 4? Really? What, between nap time and snack?

(Sam and Dean see Garth and Bess dancing...)

Dean Winchester: You know, I always thought I could be a good dancer if I wanted to be.

Sam Winchester: Well, you were awesome at the Macarena.

Dean Winchester: Yeah.

Sam Winchester: We do this all the time. What the hell?

Dean Winchester: Friggin' normal! That's what. Aw, come on!

Sam Winchester: So could we ever actually pick locks, or was it Chuck this whole time?

Dean Winchester (to Garth): Hey, look, just because God yanked the magic horseshoe out of our a*ss or whatever doesn't mean that we're gonna give up. This is our job. It's what we do. And, yeah, it might be a little harder right now, but so what? Bring it.

Sam Winchester: What he said.

Garth Fitzgerald: Being the hero sucks. I mean, sure, you'll probably win eventually, but until you do, your life blows. Your parents get gunned down in an alleyway. Your home planet gets blown up. You, uh, interview this good-looking rich guy, and it doesn't go well, so he shows up at the hardware store where you work, and, man, it starts to get, you know...

Bess Fitzgerald: It's from, uh... We love "Fifty Shades."

Garth Fitzgerald: Yeah, we do.

Sam Winchester: Who's the hero in that?

(Bess gives Sam homemade remedy for cold...)

Bess Fitzgerald: I will tell you it's mostly cayenne pepper.

Sam Winchester: What? Oh, God.

Gertie Fitzgerald: Mommy, the giant's crying.

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