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Mary Winchester: Dean. Sam. I'm sorry.

Sam Winchester: For what?

Mary Winchester (to the spirit): You get out of my house. And let go of my son.

Castiel: I know you know this, Mary, but, um... Sam and Dean... they're... They're glad to have you back. Whatever you still have to deal with and however long it takes, you should know they're happy. I mean, finally, they don't have to be so, um... so alone.

Mary Winchester: Castiel. They were never alone.

Jack Kline: You know, Sam and Dean, they were grateful.

Mary Winchester: If Sam and Dean saw what you did, they would be as worried as I am.

Jack Kline: Are you gonna tell them?

Mary Winchester: You need help, we'll help you. We're your family.

Jack Kline: You can't.

Mary Winchester: We care about you, Jack.

Jack Kline: No, just leave me alone.

Jack Kline: Mary. Nick... he was a bad person, a killer. I had to stop him.

Mary Winchester: Not like that.

Jack Kline: He deserved it.

Mary Winchester: Take me home, Jack.

Jack Kline: I-I will. I will. I-I just... Tell me it's okay.

Mary Winchester: It's not. You're not.

Mary Winchester: How about you? Feeling better?

Jack Kline: Everybody keeps asking me that.

Mary Winchester: We're family. It's our job.

Jack Kline: Well, it's annoying.

(Dean is setting up the Mouse Trap board game...)

Dean Winchester: Son of a b*tch!

Jack Kline: I thought this was supposed to relax him.

Mary Winchester: Um, it will... I hope. I just thought it would be nice to stay in for a change. You know, this was his favorite game when he was little.

Dean Winchester: There's one thing you can cook better than anybody on the planet.

Mary Winchester: Winchester Surprise?

Dean Winchester: Yeah.

Mary Winchester: I can't believe you remember that. I can't believe I ever fed that to you and John. It was so greasy, like... Heart attack on a plate.

Dean Winchester: A delicious heart attack on a plate, okay? I would like mine with extra cheese.

Mary Winchester: All right, then.

Dean Winchester: Yes. (Mary turns around to go grocery shopping) Oh, and, uh...

Mary Winchester: Pie!

Sam Winchester: Dean's been acting strange, and he just packed up and left, and then, uh...

Mary Winchester: And what?

Sam Winchester: He hugged me.

Mary Winchester: That's sweet.

Sam Winchester: Mom, we don't hug. I mean, w-we do, but only if it's literally the end of the world, you know?

(In Sam's dream...)

Castiel: Dean, you can't possibly eat another. That's your seventh piece.

Dean Winchester: No, it's not.

Jack: Castiel's right. I counted.

Dean Winchester: Okay, first, don't be a narc. And secondly, seven pieces is perfectly normal.

Sam Winchester: Uh, it's really not.

Dean Winchester: It's not even a whole pie.

Jack: Was he always like this?

Mary Winchester: Even as a baby. John and me, we used to call him our little piglet.

Dean Winchester: All right, I'm done.

Mary Winchester: With love.

(Sam and Mary leave the room and Dean signals Cas to send another box of pizza across the table to him)

Mary Winchester: Let me guess... she made a bad demon deal?

Bobby Singer: Opposite. She didn't make one. Lost the love of her life. Never moved on.

Mary Winchester: And Dean and Sam were never born. Bobby, I made that deal. And it- I... brought my boys a... lot of pain. But... What happened here, in your world? Sam and Dean stopped that war in mine.

Bobby Singer: Then I'd say you made the right choice.

Mary Winchester: No matter how this plays out, you're going to kill me.

Lucifer: Why would I kill you? Oh. That's right. 'Cause I'm evil.

Arthur Ketch: Those Enochian brass knuckles only work on angels. And sadly, I'm not an -- Aah!

(Mary punches him)

Mary Winchester: Brass knuckles are brass knuckles.

Mary Winchester: Did you kill him?

Arthur Ketch: Mick was weak. He wasn't one of us. When will you realize that we will do whatever it takes to rid this world of the things that go bump in the night? Something that people like Mick and your sons are incapable of. I've been cleaning up after them for months. I took care of those federal agents they stupidly allowed to live. I killed a psychic girl they thought was... human. Honestly, they're damn sloppy.

Mary Winchester: I think you mean... decent.

Arthur Ketch: It's the end for the American Hunters. Their time has passed.

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