Ian Gallagher: How do you know if a guy you’ve been hanging out with likes you?

Mandy Milkovich: You like him?

Ian Gallagher: Uh-huh, but I think he hates me.

Mandy Milkovich: Ask him.

Ian Gallagher: Doesn’t want to talk about it.

Mandy Milkovich: No guy ever does.

Ian Gallagher: How do I know, then?

Mandy Milkovich: Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you?

Ian Gallagher: What look?

Mandy Milkovich: You’ll know when you see it.

(Later when he’s with Mickey…)

Mickey Milkovich: The f**k are you looking at?

Ian Gallagher: Nothing.

From Shameless – Season 3 Episode 2: ‘The American Dream’ (3×02) | Produced by Showtime