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Mickey Milkovich: What's wrong with him?

Fiona Gallagher: Uh, depression, I think.

Mickey Milkovich: He... he's depressed? What do you mean he's... We all get f**king depressed. How the f**k could we not, living around here?

Fiona Gallagher: It's not that kind of depressed, okay? Look, I could be wrong, but it could be bipolar disease, like our mom.

Mickey Milkovich: Bi... bi... What? What the f**k is that?

Mandy Milkovich: It's manic depression, Mick.

Fiona Gallagher: It's like high highs followed by low lows, over and over again.

(Ian won't come out of bed...)

Debbie Gallagher: Ian? Ian, you all right? Ian, it... it's Debbie.

Ian Gallagher: Go away.

Debbie Gallagher: Ian?

Mickey Milkovich: Do you know what this is?

Debbie Gallagher: Yeah, we know what this is.

Svetlana Yevgenivna: I hate the p*nis. Ugly f**king skin stick. Always trying to get in where it doesn't belong. You like boys. Maybe I like girls. No p*nis is staring at you, hoping to explode like sticky volcano. America... it's land of choices, yes? Freedom to be me. Freedom to be you. McDonald's, Burger King on same block. You choose. One, both. Sh*t, maybe we go to Wendy's instead.

Mickey Milkovich: Hold... you're a lesbian?

Svetlana Yevgenivna: Maybe yes, maybe no. Choice.

(Svetlana has a strap on...)

Mickey Milkovich: What the f*ck?

Svetlana Yevgenivna: You like the p*nis, yes?

Mickey Milkovich: Not when there's t*ts directly above it.

Svetlana Yevgenivna: You want it up in your poop place?

Mickey Milkovich: No, I don't... I want you... f**king... I want you to put it away. Can you put that away? Put that f**king thing away, please. (Svetlana takes it off) Thank you.

Svetlana Yevgenivna (about Ian): You love him?

Mickey Milkovich: Maybe. I don't know.

Svetlana Yevgenivna: Because he has a real p*nis?

Mickey Milkovich: Yeah, I guess.

(Mickey came out, he fought with his father, the police had to steps in... After...)

Police officer: You're free to go.

Mickey Milkovich: What?

Police officer: If I arrest you, it's gonna be a lot of paperwork. Keep me in the office all night. I'd rather get home to my husband, Carlos.

(Police breaks up a fight between Terry and Mickey, after Mickey came out...)

Terry Milkovich: F**king f*ggot! Get out of my house! You pole-smoking queer!

Mickey Milkovich: F**k you! Don't worry about it! I've been staying at Ian's since you've been in the can, b*tch! Guess what we've been doing, daddy! We've been f**king! And I take it! He gives it to me good and hard, and I f**king like it. I suck his d*ck. I f**king love it.

Terry Milkovich: I'm gonna cut your balls in little pieces and shove them up your a$$ so far, you grow ball trees, you f**k! You f**k!

Ian Gallagher: Just wondering if we're a couple or not.

Mickey Milkovich: Of course we are.

Ian Gallagher: A couple that hides?

Mickey Milkovich: Hey, it's working out so far, so good.

Ian Gallagher: Getting kind of sick of it.

Carl Gallagher: You love Mickey?

Ian Gallagher: I like how he smells.

(Mickey comes out of the room...)

Mickey Milkovich: What you asking stupid f**king questions for?

Carl Gallagher: You were nicer when you were asleep.

Debbie Gallagher: Ugh, I lost the shiv Carl made for me. Melted toothbrush, duct tape handle...

Ian Gallagher: Why do you need a shiv?

Debbie Gallagher: In case I run into my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

(Mickey finds the shiv.)

Debbie Gallagher: Oh, there it is.

Mandy Milkovich: That a shiv?

Debbie Gallagher: Yep. Later.

Ian Gallagher: 13 years old, she's bringing a shiv to class.

Mickey Milkovich: Man, I miss high school.

Mickey Milkovich (to Svetlana): You breathe a f**king word about what you think you know, I promise you your kid's gonna be an orphan.

Kevin Ball: Okay, hey. No domestic abuse. Take it outside like everyone else.

Mickey Milkovich (to Kenyatta): Hey, you planning on giving a beat down to every guy Mandy's been with? Your arms are gonna get f**king tired.

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