Amy Farrah Fowler: Sheldon, when I was a little girl, I used to dream about my wedding. But, eventually, I stopped, because I thought that day would never come. And then I met you. From the first moment in that coffee shop, I knew that there was something special between us, even though I did work on a study that disproved love at first sight.

Sheldon Cooper: I loved that study the moment I read it. Ironic, huh?

Amy Farrah Fowler: Clearly, it was wrong. Because I felt something that day, and those feelings have only gotten stronger with time. I can’t imagine loving you more than I do right now. But I felt that way yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before that.

Sheldon Cooper: Is that growth linear or accelerating?

Amy Farrah Fowler: Accelerating.

Sheldon Cooper: Oh, maybe we could graph it out.

Leonard Hofstadter: Save something for the honeymoon.

Sheldon Cooper: Smart.

Amy Farrah Fowler: Sheldon, I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that I’ve never been happier than I am in this moment marrying you.

Mark Hammil: Well, that was unexpectedly beautiful. I might need a minute.

From The Big Bang Theory – Season 11 Episode 24: ‘The Bow Tie Asymmetry’ (11×24)