(Frank finds Ian and Mickey in the storage room… 😉 )

Frank Gallagher: Hello, boys. The front door was locked, so I came in the back… no pun intended. You might want to check the locks. (Goes to shop as usual) Um, I see that you’re preoccupied, so why don’t we put this little loan on my tab? As you were, sailors.

(After Frank leaves…)

Mickey Milkovich: We gotta kill him. Look, nobody will miss Frank, anyway. We shoot him in the head, we dump him in the river.

Ian Gallagher: Look, he has a lousy short-term memory; he’s probably already forgotten.

Mickey Milkovich: Can’t chance that.

Ian Gallagher: I’ll talk to him.

Mickey Milkovich: Gotta cut his hands off, pull his teeth; he can’t even be identified.

Ian Gallagher: You stay here, watch the store. I’ll take care of it.

Mickey Milkovich: My Uncle Joe works at the foundry; he’ll dump the teeth into the chrome plating vat and it’s done.

Ian Gallagher: Mickey, you need this job for your probation.

Mickey Milkovich: No, what I need is to take care of Frank and his big mouth.

From Shameless – Season 2 Episode 8: ‘Parenthood’ (2×08) | Produced by Showtime