Homelander: You were my hero growing up. I watched all your movies, hundreds of times. You were the only one that was nearly as strong as me.

Soldier Boy: Buddy, you think you look strong? You’re wearing a cape. You’re just a cheap f**king knockoff.

Homelander: Oh, no, no, no. I’m the upgrade.

This quote comes from the TV series The Boys – Season 3 Episode 6: ‘Herogasm’ (3×06) | The show is produced by Amazon Studios



Quote Reference

The laughing at heroes wearing capes comes from the movie The Incredibles. The designer of superhero suits Edna Mode is very against capes as they are often a cause of accidents with no real advantage. She always screams: “No capes!” anytime hero suggest they’d like a cape added to their outfit. The scene is not only reminisent of Edna, but Soldier Boy proves her right by yanking Homelander down to the ground by his cape when he tries to fly away – he should have listened to Edna…