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Valentine Morgenstern (to Sebastian): I have always dreamed of creating the ultimate warrior, and now... that dream is a reality. You have always been my greatest creation, son. Always.


Sebastian Morgenstern: You always cared more about the Mortal Instruments than you did your own son.

Valentine Morgenstern: That's not true. Despite everything I've done, I have always... always cared about you.

Sebastian Morgenstern: Do not lie to me. If you truly, truly cared about me, you would have never sent me away.

Valentine Morgenstern: I made a mistake. It was Jace that was...

Sebastian Morgenstern: Shut up!

Valentine Morgenstern: The sword still compels the truth. Jonathan... not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Where I am not haunted by that decision I made. To send you to Edom.


Valentine Morgenstern: Why keep the Verlac boy's visage if you're weaker for it?

Sebastian Morgenstern: I think it rather suits me. Don't you? As does the accent. A bit more... charming than a demonic beast with burnt flesh.


Sebastian Morgenstern (about Edom): I'm afraid it's not a very nice place. The first day I was there, they started burning my skin. Just one layer at a time. They said I was too pretty for their world... Too human. So they made me hideous. But they also taught me how to use my demon blood... how to... draw from its power. See, I may be grotesque in my own skin, but... with it I have power that you could only dream of.


Walda Bolton: Ramsay, where is your father? Ramsay. Where is Lord Bolton?

Ramsay Bolton: I am Lord Bolton.

Walda Bolton: Ramsay. Ramsay, please. I'll leave Winterfell. I'll go back to the Riverlands. Please. Ramsay. He's your brother.

Ramsay Bolton: I prefer being an only child.


Tyrion Lannister: If I lost my cock, I'd drink all the time. Meaning no offense. He makes dwarf jokes, I make eunuch jokes.

Varys: I do not make dwarf jokes.

Tyrion Lannister: You think them.


Tommen Baratheon: I should have executed all of them. I should have pulled down the sept onto the High Sparrow's head before I let them do that to you, as you would have for me. You raised me to be strong... and I wasn't. But I want to be. Help me.

Cersei Lannister: Always.


High Sparrow: You would spill blood in this holy place?

Jaime Lannister: Oh, the gods won't mind. They've spilled more blood than the rest of us combined.


Tommen Baratheon: The king is supposed to be the Protector of the Realm. If I can't even protect my own wife or my own mother, what good am I?


Davos Seaworth: I've never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you're about to see.


Three-eyed raven (to Bran): It is beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay too long, you'll drown.


Daario Naharis: Isn't it frustrating wanting someone who doesn't want you back?

Jorah Mormont: Of course it is.

Daario Naharis: You're a romantic. I admire that. Sometimes I look at you and I think, "So that's what I'll be like when I grow old."

Jorah Mormont: If you grow old.

Daario Naharis: If I grow old. I hope I do. I want to see what the world looks like when she's done conquering it.

Jorah Mormont: So do I.


Tyrion Lannister: We'll be fine. We're dressed like common merchants.

Varys: You walk like a rich person.

Tyrion Lannister: You've spent a lot of time studying the way rich people walk?

Varys: You walk as though the paving stones were your personal property. I used to steal from people like you when I was a boy.


Ellaria Sand (to Doran): When was the last time you left this palace? You don't know your own people. Their disgust for you. Elia Martell raped and murdered, and you did nothing. Oberyn Martell butchered, and you did nothing. You're not a Dornishman. You're not our prince. Your son is weak just like you. And weak men will never rule Dorne again.


Cersei Lannister: I knew this would happen. The witch told me years ago. She promised me three children and she promised me they'd die. "And gold their shrouds." Everything she said came true. You couldn't have stopped it. It's prophecy. It's fate.

Jaime Lannister: You don't believe that.

Cersei Lannister: Of course I do. You told me yourself when Father died. You said we had to stay together. You said people would try to tear us apart, take what's ours. That was a prophecy, too. I didn't listen to you and everything you said came true.

Jaime Lannister: Fuck prophecy. Fuck fate. Fuck everyone who isn't us. We're the only ones who matter, the only ones in this world. And everything they've taken from us, we're going to take back and more. We're going to take everything there is.


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