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Edna Mode: I cut it a little roomy for the free movement. The fabric is comfortable for sensitive skin, And can also withstand a temperature of over 1000 degrees. Completely bulletproof. And machine washable, darling. That's a new feature.

Helen Parr: What on earth do you think the baby will be doing!?

Edna Mode: Well, I'm sure I don't know, darling. Luck favors the prepared. I didn't know the baby's powers, so I covered the basics.

Helen Parr: Jack-Jack doesn't have any powers.

Edna Mode: No? Well, he'll look fabulous anyway.

Edna Mode: Now, go on. Your new suit will be finished before your next assignment.

Bob Parr: You know I'm retired from hero work.

Edna Mode: As am I, Robert. Yet, here we are.

Bob Parr: E, I only need a patch job. For sentimental reasons.

Edna Mode: Fine. I will also fix the hobo suit.

Bob Parr: Something classic, like Dynaguy!Oh! He had a great look! Oh, the cape and the boots...

Edna Mode: No capes!

Bob Parr: Isn't that my decision?

Edna Mode: Do you remember Thunderhead? Tall, storm powers. Nice man. Good with kids.

Bob Parr: Listen, E...

Edna Mode: November 15th of '58. All was well, another day saved when his cape snagged on a missile fin.

Bob Parr: Thunderhead was not the brightest bulb...

Edna Mode: Stratogale! April 23rd, '57. Cape caught in a jet turbine.

Bob Parr: You can't generalize about these things.

Edna Mode: Meta-Man. Express elevator. Dynaguy, snag on takeoff. Splashdown, sucked into a vortex. No capes!

Edna Mode (to Bob through doorbell camera): What is it? Who are you? What do you want? (she recognizes him) My God, you've gotten fat. Come in. Come, come.

Edna: Done properly parenting is a heroic act. Done properly!

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