Clay Jensen: What the f*ck? What the actual f*ck are you thinking?

Principal: Clay, would you take a seat in my office, please?

Clay Jensen: No! I will not take a seat in your office! You think that this is the way to make us safe? You know what would make me feel safe? Not having to go to a school with metal detectors or video cameras or armed f**king guards!

(Students comes out of classrooms to see what is going on…)

Principal: There’s still class, folks. OK? Bell has not rung.

Clay Jensen: No, you’re killing us! You are killing us! Don’t you get that? You made a drill with gunshots and hammered down the door to prepare us for what? What it feels like to be hunted? To practice getting ready to die, to make us feel afraid for our lives? We already know how that feels! You’re scaring us to death! Every day! Every day! Every day!

Deputy: Calm down, son.

Clay Jensen: I am not your godd*mn son! Get the f*ck away from me! We are children! We’re kids! We should be living our f**king lives instead of practicing how to cheat death, because you know what? Everybody f**king dies! Everybody dies! So, please, please let us live!

From 13 Reasons Why – Season 4 Episode 6: ‘Thursday’ (4×06) | Produced by Netflix