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Edwina Sharma (to Kate): Be the sister I know that you are. Be funny and brave and feeling. Be unafraid to follow your heart after doing the exact opposite for far too long. You have spent so much of your time shining your light on me. It is time for you to shine all on your own.

Edwina Sharma (to Kate): Today, I can be sure that what I leave behind is not my loss. It is yours. Your dream, your plan, your feelings that I had merely borrowed. Today, you have lost your power, while I have made up my own mind. And that is victory enough for me.

Edwina Sharma (to Anthony): I cannot marry you, Lord Bridgerton. You cannot provide me with what it is that I want. What it is that I deserve. What everyone deserves. I may not know exactly what true love feels like but I certainly know what it is not. It is not deception, or wandering eyes, or a role to be fulfilled. I cannot marry you because I cannot betray myself. You will never meet my eyes in the same manner that you met my sister's on that altar today. You will never... You will never look at me the same way.

(King George III comes in all confused and agitated, he thinks it's the day of his wedding to Charlotte, Edwina calms him down...)

Edwina Sharma: She will make a most excellent queen, Your Majesty. I hear the two of you faced many trials during your happy courtship. But today... Today will make all of it well worth it, will it not?

King George III: Why... yes.

Edwina Sharma: Then perhaps you might find your rest, Your Majesty, before you both rule this kingdom with the kind of love, compassion, and kindness the two of you undoubtedly share.

Kate Sharma: I promised I would not consider myself until you and Mama were taken care of. I gave what I had without regret, and I would do it again, Bon. I still do it. I give what I have in order to protect you. Say something, Bon. Anything, please.

Edwina Sharma: I do not know which pains me more. Your betrayal or your pity.

(Kate and Anthony are cheering for the races rather loudly and bickering which horse is better...)

Thomas Dorset: Should we separate them?

Edwina Sharma: It's all in good spirit. I think.

Kate Sharma: What is clear is we are woefully unprepared to navigate this lion's den. I am sure Edwina's absence will only make her that much more desirable.

Edwina Sharma: It truly was a magnificent soiree, Lady Danbury. We are most grateful.

(Kate and Edwina leave)

Violet Bridgerton: Well, it would seem both of us may have our hands full this year.

Lady Danbury: Not if I have something to say about it. And as you very well know, I always have something to say.

Kate Sharma: You must be excited. This is the first chapter of a happy story. All you have to do this evening is remember what it is you are looking for.

Edwina Sharma: Hmm. Someone charming.

Kate Sharma: Mm-hmm.

Edwina Sharma: And handsome, of course. A prince or a duke, perhaps.

Kate Sharma: It is not a man's appearance or title that will woo you. It is his mind and spirit that will court yours. He will speak in a manner that only your heart can hear. That is what you are looking for. That is the true love you deserve.

Edwina Sharma is a character from Bridgerton

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