Penelope Featherington: Do you think anyone saw us? I was not paying much attention to anything.

(They kiss again, then Colin fixes her dress and hair…)

Penelope Featherington: What are you doing? (Colin gets out of the carriage) Colin?

Colin Bridgerton: Are you coming with me?

Penelope Featherington: What? Your… Your family will see me.

Colin Bridgerton: For God’s sake, Penelope Featherington. Are you going to marry me or not?

This quote comes from a TV series ‘Bridgerton’. The scene where this moment comes from is in Season 3 Episode 4, with the title of ‘Old Friends’ (3×04).

Bridgerton is based on a book series of the same name written by Julia Quinn. | The show Bridgerton is produced by Netflix