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George: You do not like beasts or trolls? What he looks like matters?

Charlotte: I do not care what he looks like. What I do not like is not knowing.

Charlotte (about the king): I think he may be a beast.

George: A beast?

Charlotte: Or a troll.

George: Who are we discussing?

Charlotte: That isn't pertinent. None of your business. The king. No one will speak of him. No one. He is clearly a beast or a troll.

George: Understood.

George: I'm curious. What are you doing?

Charlotte: Nothing.

George: You're doing something.

Charlotte: I am not.

George: You are.

Charlotte: I am not.

George: You are.

Charlotte: If you must know, I'm trying to ascertain the best way to climb over the garden wall.

(Edwina and the queen talk about true love and choosing a partner...)

Edwina Sharma: How does one make that choice?

Queen Charlotte: That, I cannot dictate. I am your queen, but I suppose even I must recognize the importance of each person deciding what to do in the face of true love. Everyone deserves to make that choice just as everyone deserves to feel its power. But one must know... it is the hardest and greatest choice one can ever make.

Queen Charlotte (to Edwina): The same cannot be said of true love, of course. It changes. It forgets. It forces you to remember who you once were. And it forces you to choose how you will live with it, again and again.

Brimsley: An ingenious idea, ma'am.

Queen Charlotte: Yes, that is why I thought of it.

Queen Charlotte (about a peacock): Does it fly?

Servant: Uh, some, Your Majesty.

Queen Charlotte: What kind of answer is "some"?

Servant: Well, it does not soar, but if you like, I can place it on a high perch and allow it to glide down.

Queen Charlotte: Only if you follow its path.

(Queen Charlotte is giving a tour to Edwina...)

Queen Charlotte: They are called "zebra." Striped horses from Africa, in fact. Seven more arrive next week. Though I can't think what to name them all. After 15 children, I seem to have run out of ideas.

Queen Charlotte: I hear you have made quite a journey to join us again after all these years, Lady Mary. If only you had extended the courtesy of offering your queen a final farewell before you left.

Lady Danbury (to Mary): Oh, I do relish a challenge.

Queen Charlotte (to Simon): You are wise... or perhaps unusually lucky to understand friendship to be the best possible foundation a marriage can have. Even if that foundation should crumble as quickly as it was built.

Brimsley: Your Majesty, the royal physician has a report on the king.

Queen Charlotte: How is it possible there's not been a single compelling betrothal yet this season? Terribly unexciting!

Brimsley: I could tell you a delicious tidbit about our former scullery maid.

Queen Charlotte: I don't care about a dish wench. I wish to be entertained, enthralled. Should the royal physician seek to tell me my husband is dead, Brimsley?

Brimsley: I do not believe so, Your Majesty.

Queen Charlotte: Then tell him I am occupied, and bring me my stationery at once.

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