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Lady Danbury (to Kate): Very few attempt to outwit me, and even fewer succeed.

Kate Sharma: What is clear is we are woefully unprepared to navigate this lion's den. I am sure Edwina's absence will only make her that much more desirable.

Edwina Sharma: It truly was a magnificent soiree, Lady Danbury. We are most grateful.

(Kate and Edwina leave)

Violet Bridgerton: Well, it would seem both of us may have our hands full this year.

Lady Danbury: Not if I have something to say about it. And as you very well know, I always have something to say.

Queen Charlotte: I hear you have made quite a journey to join us again after all these years, Lady Mary. If only you had extended the courtesy of offering your queen a final farewell before you left.

Lady Danbury (to Mary): Oh, I do relish a challenge.

Lady Danbury (to Simon): Pride, Your Grace... it will cost you everything and leave you with nothing. You must not allow it to happen to you too.

Lady Danbury: I understand that you believe such subjects as love and devotion, affection and attachment, you find it all trite and frivolous. But have you any idea those very things are precisely what have allowed a new day to begin to dawn in this society? Look at our queen. Look at our king. Look at their marriage. Look at everything it is doing for us, allowing us to become. We were two separate societies, divided by color, until a king fell in love with one of us. Love, Your Grace... conquers all.

Simon Basset: I believe that remains to be seen. The king may have chosen his queen. He may have elevated us from novelties in their eyes to now dukes and royalty, and at that same whim... he may just as easily change his mind, a mind, as we all know, that is hanging on by one very loose and tenuous thread. So, no, I am sorry, Lady Danbury, we are in disagreement here. Love changes nothing.

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