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Violet Bridgerton (to Anthony): Losing Edmund was the most difficult time of my life. And the pain that I felt... beyond description. But there is one thing that has given me at least some modicum of solace. It's knowing that I would still choose the life I led with him, each and every time. And I would undoubtedly feel the same pain I felt all over again if I had to because real, true love is worth it. No matter what.

(Colin is hangover and grumpy...)

Violet Bridgerton (to Benedict): Whatever you have done to your brother, undo it.

Colin Bridgerton: I may never reach your capacity for drink, Brother.

Benedict Bridgerton: It's a simple remedy. If you continue to drink, there can be no after-effects.

Eloise Bridgerton: If only you would use your powers for good.

Daphne Basset: I've always imagined Anthony to be with someone more like him.

Violet Bridgerton: Sharp, quick, a little too exacting?

Daphne Basset: You know, every time I think my marriage has become simple, Simon and I find some new stone to turn over, a new foible that one of us needs the other to tease out and inspect. It is decidedly irritating. (Violet laughs) Yet incredibly gratifying at the same time. Miss Edwina is nearly perfect, but Anthony is a Bridgerton. Is there not something in all of us that requires a challenge?

Violet Bridgerton: Indeed, there is.

(Flashback to the time after Edmund's death)

Violet Bridgerton (to Anthony): This is it. This is my best. I am doing my best. Every day, I get up, I get dressed, I feed myself, I try to breathe in and out. I force myself to stop by the nursery. And I think about how sorry I feel for little baby Hyacinth because she will never know Edmund's laugh. Or the way he smelled, or what it is to be hugged in his arms. I feel even sorrier for myself because, most of the time, all I am thinking is that this little baby did not do me the kindness of killing me so that I could be with my husband. Edmund was the air that I breathed. And now there is no air.

Hyacinth Bridgerton: I think Eloise would make a brilliant diamond.

Violet Bridgerton: I could not agree more, Hyacinth. Perhaps Her Majesty will take note at her ball tomorrow night.

Eloise Bridgerton (to Hyacinth): I despise you.

(Violet and Hyacinth laugh)

Kate Sharma: What is clear is we are woefully unprepared to navigate this lion's den. I am sure Edwina's absence will only make her that much more desirable.

Edwina Sharma: It truly was a magnificent soiree, Lady Danbury. We are most grateful.

(Kate and Edwina leave)

Violet Bridgerton: Well, it would seem both of us may have our hands full this year.

Lady Danbury: Not if I have something to say about it. And as you very well know, I always have something to say.

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Bridgerton Quotes