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Colin Bridgerton: I have spent so long trying to feel less, trying to be the kind of man society expects me to be. And for a moment, I thought I had succeeded. But these past few weeks have been full of confounding feelings. Feelings like a total inability to stop thinking about you. About that kiss. Feelings like dreaming of you when I'm asleep. And in fact preferring sleep because that is where I might find you. A feeling that is like torture. But one which I cannot, will not, do not want to give up.

Penelope Featherington: Please. Do not say things you do not mean.

Colin Bridgerton: But I do mean it. It is everything I have wanted to say to you... for weeks.

Penelope Featherington: But... Colin, we are friends.

Colin Bridgerton: Yes, but we... Forgive me. Um... I do not know what I was thinking.

Penelope Featherington: But I'd very much like to be more than friends. So much more.

Penelope Featherington (about Lord Debling): He did not propose. In fact, he rejected me because of you. Because the scene you caused led him to believe you have feelings for me. An idea so preposterous, I do not know what to do besides laugh. Now, will you please let us ride home in silence and leave me alone.

Colin Bridgerton: I cannot.

Penelope Featherington: Please!

Colin Bridgerton: I cannot. Because... What if I did have feelings for you?

Colin Bridgerton: As you consider suitable matches for Francesca, what do you hope she finds?

Violet Bridgerton: I... wish for Francesca the same thing I wanted for myself, for Anthony, for Daphne. Passion, excitement, a love that is thrilling.

Colin Bridgerton: But I thought you believed the best foundation for great love was friendship.

Violet Bridgerton: Indeed, I do. It is how your father and I began. But it is rare to begin as friends and for both parties to then feel more.

Colin Bridgerton: Mm. And how did you and Father know it was reciprocated?

Violet Bridgerton: Because he gathered the courage to ask.

(Colin looks Pen's way, Violet notices...)

Colin Bridgerton: Uh... Well... I hope if Francesca finds it, she is brave enough to ask the question.

Violet Bridgerton: I hope she is as well.

(After Colin had a dream about Pen...)

Colin Bridgerton: Morning, family.

Benedict Bridgerton: You slept late.

Colin Bridgerton: Did I? Hmm.

Benedict Bridgerton: Something keep you up?

Colin Bridgerton: Not at all. I slept peacefully. No sooner did my head touch the pillow that I was met with complete and immediate darkness. Not even a dream.

Benedict Bridgerton: Congratulations.

(In Colin's dream...)

Colin Bridgerton: Pen, I, uh... I have not been able to sleep, not been able to... eat. I... I can... I can barely speak these days. My entire thoughts consumed by...

Penelope Featherington: By what?

Colin Bridgerton: By our kiss. By you.

Penelope Featherington: I... I feel the same. You occupy my every thought.

(They kiss passionately)

Colin Bridgerton: I had to see how you were.

Penelope Featherington: You read Whistledown.

Colin Bridgerton: She is beastly to write such things.

Penelope Featherington: It's her job to report what everyone is talking about. It would have been suspicious if she had not. In truth, I brought this on myself. A sad, stupid girl who believed she might possibly have a chance of love.

Colin Bridgerton: You must not say such things.

Colin Bridgerton: Forget what is wrong or right. Imagine what you would want to say to me if I were a suitor without concerning yourself with how I might receive it.

Penelope Featherington: Your eyes... are the most remarkable shade of blue. Yet, somehow, they shine even brighter when you are kind. I might say something like that if you were a suitor.

Colin Bridgerton: Mm. Well, that was, uh, rather direct.

Colin Bridgerton: Do you know what I discovered when I was abroad? No one knew me. No one knew who I was supposed to be. I was entirely freed of being the Colin Bridgerton the ton knows me to be. Which is how I became myself. Pen, living for the estimation of others is a trap. Once you break free, the world opens up.

Penelope Featherington: You make it sound so easy.

(Colin is explaining how charming Pen was when they first met, how natural it was to her back then...)

Colin Bridgerton: I think I know why. Because we were children. Before the self-consciousness of adulthood set in. Before we started caring what others think.

Penelope Featherington: Colin, it is impossible to be in society and not care what others think. Society is entirely composed of the judgment of others.

Colin Bridgerton: Do you remember when we first met? I was riding my horse, minding my own business, when I was assaulted... by a devilishly yellow head covering.

Penelope Featherington: It was not my fault. The wind blew it off my head.

Colin Bridgerton: Wind or not, you certainly seemed pleased when I landed in the mud.

Penelope Featherington: I apologized.

Colin Bridgerton: Yes. And you were so very charming about it. Teasing me. Mercilessly, in fact.

Colin Bridgerton: Are you certain you want my help after what Lady Whistledown wrote?

Penelope Featherington: She has never been more wrong about anyone. Let us pay her no heed.

Colin Bridgerton: Indeed. Sooner or later, she will be caught, and we shall dance on the day of her demise.

Colin Bridgerton: I do not care what Lady Whistledown writes about me. But ruining Miss Thompson... I mean, Lady Crane, and then nearly ruining you last season... I will never forgive her.

Eloise Bridgerton: Do you... have any idea who she might be?

Colin Bridgerton: I do not. But trust me, if I ever find out, I will make sure it is her life that is ruined.

Colin Bridgerton: Is something wrong, Pen? Between us, I mean. I wrote to you this summer, as I always do. And... well, you did not respond. Admittedly, very few did. But... If you are going to make me say it out loud, I miss you.

Penelope Featherington: You miss me? You miss me, but you'd never court me. Is that correct?

Colin Bridgerton: Pen, I...

Penelope Featherington: I overheard you... at my mama's ball last season, telling everyone how you would never ever court Penelope Featherington.

Colin Bridgerton: Perhaps we should talk somewhere more private?

Penelope Featherington: Because I embarrass you? Of course you would never court me. I am the laughingstock of the ton, even when I change my entire wardrobe. It just never occurred to me that you, of all people, could be so cruel.

Colin Bridgerton is a character from Bridgerton

Bridgerton Quotes

Bridgerton Quotes

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