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Colin Bridgerton: Your dreams are grander than you let on, Pen.

Penelope Featherington: Yes, they are mere fantasies, but I do believe we must allow ourselves those private moments so we may face reality armed with our reveries.

Penelope Featherington: I am certain you will find your purpose one day. Everyone must eventually.

Colin Bridgerton: Have you found yours?

Penelope Featherington: Of course not. But I imagine it to be something both animating and satisfying. The type of venture that speaks not to who I am but rather who I am to be. My purpose will challenge me to be brave and witty. My purpose will propel me far beyond the watchful glare of my mama. My purpose shall set me free.

Colin Bridgerton: What could possibly measure up to all that?

Eloise Bridgerton: Perhaps the archbishop's talk of lifelong covenants overwhelmed her. Perhaps she realized that marriage is, in fact, a prison for women.

Colin Bridgerton: Ugh. Must you always be so... you?

Eloise Bridgerton: How else should I be? Married and silent?

(Colin is hangover and grumpy...)

Violet Bridgerton (to Benedict): Whatever you have done to your brother, undo it.

Colin Bridgerton: I may never reach your capacity for drink, Brother.

Benedict Bridgerton: It's a simple remedy. If you continue to drink, there can be no after-effects.

Eloise Bridgerton: If only you would use your powers for good.

Colin Bridgerton: It is meant to be a sipping spirit.

Benedict Bridgerton: Have you not heard? The viscount believes in hurrying things along these days. First the wedding, now his drink. I hope, for Edwina's sake, the tendency stops before the honeymoon.

Anthony Bridgerton: Have you always been so vulgar, or has staring at naked models all day turned your brain to charcoal?

Marina Crane: You are a boy caught up in his own fantasies. In truth, I once thought that would be enough to save me from my reality. But what I learned is, I do not need saving in that way. What I need is to face up to my life and make my own practical decisions.

Colin Bridgerton: So you choose to be unhappy?

Marina Crane: We are not all guaranteed a fairy-tale ending. I am perfectly content with my children. And Sir Philip cares for me. He is a good father. We have built a life together. I am not the same woman you once knew. And I refuse to be thrust back into such a world of fantasy. That dream has long since passed.

Colin Bridgerton: Marina...

Marina Crane: You need to wake up, Colin.

Philip Crane: Did you visit the olive orchards in Lesvos?

Colin Bridgerton: I certainly did. I oiled my way right in. That was an olive joke.

Benedict Bridgerton: The Royal Schools have accepted me as a student. I got in!

Colin Bridgerton: I thought they were not the arbiters of taste?

Benedict Bridgerton: They must see great promise in my work. Oh my! (opens the windows and leans out of it) You shall all bear witness to my talents!

Colin Bridgerton: Shh! It's the middle of the night!

Eloise Bridgerton: He will be as insufferable now as you.

Colin Bridgerton: So I cleared my head, swore off women and love, and... Well, I only wanted to fully understand myself before stepping back into this world.

Penelope Featherington: You've sworn off women, then?

Colin Bridgerton: Well, for the time being.

Penelope Featherington: I am a woman.

Colin Bridgerton: You are Pen. You do not count. You are my friend.

Penelope Featherington: Of course. Your friend. How good to hear that.

Colin Bridgerton: I was not exactly lonely on my travels. I did begin a real conversation with someone. Someone I had known for a very long time. And yet, after everything that happened with Miss Thompson, I realized I never truly knew this person at all. Myself.

Penelope Featherington: Yourself?

Colin Bridgerton: I have you to thank. Your letters were so encouraging. I thought, if Penelope can see me this way, then surely I can too.

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