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Theo Sharpe: You've come quite a long way to ask me something, so go on.

Eloise Bridgerton: I have thoughts...

Theo Sharpe: I can see how that might pose a problem for someone in your world.

Eloise Bridgerton: Thoughts I would like to share... with you.

Theo Sharpe: And are you not sharing them now?

Eloise Bridgerton: What I am failing to say is that often, when I read something new or interesting or provoking, it is you who crosses my mind. It is you I would like to speak with about those thoughts.

Theo Sharpe: I see.

Eloise Bridgerton: Uh... And so I am wondering if you might also have thoughts of me when you think.

Theo Sharpe: I have read all of these. (hands her a small pile of books)

Eloise Bridgerton: And?

Theo Sharpe: And... I set them aside for you. I thought perhaps you might share your thoughts on them.

Edwina Sharma (to Kate): Today, I can be sure that what I leave behind is not my loss. It is yours. Your dream, your plan, your feelings that I had merely borrowed. Today, you have lost your power, while I have made up my own mind. And that is victory enough for me.

Edwina Sharma (to Anthony): I cannot marry you, Lord Bridgerton. You cannot provide me with what it is that I want. What it is that I deserve. What everyone deserves. I may not know exactly what true love feels like but I certainly know what it is not. It is not deception, or wandering eyes, or a role to be fulfilled. I cannot marry you because I cannot betray myself. You will never meet my eyes in the same manner that you met my sister's on that altar today. You will never... You will never look at me the same way.

(Edwina and the queen talk about true love and choosing a partner...)

Edwina Sharma: How does one make that choice?

Queen Charlotte: That, I cannot dictate. I am your queen, but I suppose even I must recognize the importance of each person deciding what to do in the face of true love. Everyone deserves to make that choice just as everyone deserves to feel its power. But one must know... it is the hardest and greatest choice one can ever make.

Queen Charlotte (to Edwina): The same cannot be said of true love, of course. It changes. It forgets. It forces you to remember who you once were. And it forces you to choose how you will live with it, again and again.

Colin Bridgerton: Your dreams are grander than you let on, Pen.

Penelope Featherington: Yes, they are mere fantasies, but I do believe we must allow ourselves those private moments so we may face reality armed with our reveries.

Penelope Featherington: I am certain you will find your purpose one day. Everyone must eventually.

Colin Bridgerton: Have you found yours?

Penelope Featherington: Of course not. But I imagine it to be something both animating and satisfying. The type of venture that speaks not to who I am but rather who I am to be. My purpose will challenge me to be brave and witty. My purpose will propel me far beyond the watchful glare of my mama. My purpose shall set me free.

Colin Bridgerton: What could possibly measure up to all that?

(King George III comes in all confused and agitated, he thinks it's the day of his wedding to Charlotte, Edwina calms him down...)

Edwina Sharma: She will make a most excellent queen, Your Majesty. I hear the two of you faced many trials during your happy courtship. But today... Today will make all of it well worth it, will it not?

King George III: Why... yes.

Edwina Sharma: Then perhaps you might find your rest, Your Majesty, before you both rule this kingdom with the kind of love, compassion, and kindness the two of you undoubtedly share.

Kate Sharma: I promised I would not consider myself until you and Mama were taken care of. I gave what I had without regret, and I would do it again, Bon. I still do it. I give what I have in order to protect you. Say something, Bon. Anything, please.

Edwina Sharma: I do not know which pains me more. Your betrayal or your pity.

Anthony Bridgerton: Miss Edwina, I have never wavered in my intentions since the first moment of our meeting. It was clear to me then, as it is now, that what we share is greater than all else.

Edwina Sharma: And what is it that you believe we share?

Anthony Bridgerton: Our places. Our roles. They align. I, as the viscount. You, as the diamond. Neither by our own choice. We are yoked to each other in that respect. It is why I never gave up pursuing you, even when some thought me a fool to continue. It is why I was not swayed by the insults of the Sheffields or your lack of a dowry.

Edwina Sharma: Because... you love me?

Anthony Bridgerton: I understand you. I sympathize with you. In a certain light, I am you. We do not have the luxury of choice. We cannot escape our roles.

(Eloise and Pen are wondering if Theo has feelings for Eloise...)

Eloise Bridgerton (to Pen): It is the not knowing that makes it feel like... torment. To turn over in your mind the events of a mere conversation. To look at all of the evidence and still not be sure. It is a pleasing, stimulating, thrilling kind of torment.

Eloise Bridgerton (about Theo): I know it is... odd, but I had assumed ours was merely an intellectual bond, a friendship based in like-minded thought and rigorous conversation. But what if you are right? What if he feels more?

Penelope Featherington: I never said... El, do you want him to feel more?

Eloise Bridgerton: My feelings about his feelings do not matter if I do not know for a fact what it is he is feeling.

Portia Featherington: Nothing makes the ton come alive like a fresh scandal.

Jack Featherington: All eyes and ears seem to be open for the freshest detail. I suppose all we must do now is redirect their attention.

Eloise Bridgerton: Perhaps the archbishop's talk of lifelong covenants overwhelmed her. Perhaps she realized that marriage is, in fact, a prison for women.

Colin Bridgerton: Ugh. Must you always be so... you?

Eloise Bridgerton: How else should I be? Married and silent?

Daphne Basset (to Anthony): I mourn for you, Brother. All of these decisions that you seem to make and then resent us for. Though they do not make you worthy of your family's respect. They simply make us pity you. Nothing more.

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