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Daphne Bridgerton: Is my general ready for battle?

Simon Basset: I was born ready.

Daphne Bridgerton: Were that true, I suspect you would need less protection from our beloved packs of ambitious mamas.

Simon Basset: You call me the general, yet you are the first to draw blood.

(Flashback to dying Duke of Hastings...)

Duke of Hastings: My... My son. You have returned to take your rightful place. My heart may be failing, but I assure you, it swells with pride, knowing the duke you have grown into and the great Hastings name shall continue.

Simon Basset: Listen to me very closely for I have only returned to do but one thing... to make you a vow... the only vow I will ever make in my life. I will never marry. I will never sire an heir. The Hastings line will die with me. Are my words clear enough for you, Father? Speak, you f**king monster. Speak!

Daphne Bridgerton: Yes, Eloise, there... are perhaps darker turns in these woods than we've been taught to expect. There is light to be found at their end. And I know... one day... we both will find it.

Eloise Bridgerton: It must be taxing.

Daphne Bridgerton: What?

Eloise Bridgerton: The game of pretend that you feel you must endlessly maintain.

Brimsley: Your Majesty, the royal physician has a report on the king.

Queen Charlotte: How is it possible there's not been a single compelling betrothal yet this season? Terribly unexciting!

Brimsley: I could tell you a delicious tidbit about our former scullery maid.

Queen Charlotte: I don't care about a dish wench. I wish to be entertained, enthralled. Should the royal physician seek to tell me my husband is dead, Brimsley?

Brimsley: I do not believe so, Your Majesty.

Queen Charlotte: Then tell him I am occupied, and bring me my stationery at once.

Simon Basset: You know, I do suppose if it were not for an overzealous mother at every corner, this time of year in the city would not be so very dreadful.

Anthony Bridgerton: Those mothers simply want the same as you, I rather think.

Simon Basset: For every last one of them to choke on their daughters' hair ribbons?

Anthony Bridgerton: For you to claim a wife, Hastings.

Daphne Bridgerton: You have no idea what it is to be a woman... what it might feel like to have one's entire life reduced to a single moment. This is all I have been raised for. This... is all I am. I have no other value. If I am unable to find a husband, I shall be worthless.

Anthony Bridgerton: Daphne, you're a Bridgerton.

Daphne Bridgerton: It would be easier if I were not.

Lady Whistledown: The brighter a lady shines, the faster she may burn.