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Eloise Bridgerton: Art Academy not going so well?

Benedict Bridgerton: I am an impostor, El. Turns out Anthony himself bought my seat at that table.

Eloise Bridgerton: That does not mean you would not have been accepted on your own. I, too, know what it is like to feel oneself an imposter. Parading around ballrooms in feathered frocks, pretending to be someone I am not.

Benedict Bridgerton: Things may seem bleak now, Brother. But if I'm learning anything from my art studies, it's that it is almost always a matter of... perspective. I look at my art, and if I do not like what I see, I may always alter the color palette, but I certainly do not toss the entire design aside. Perhaps you, too, could do the same in your own life.

Anthony Bridgerton: Back to taking the tea, are we?

Daphne Basset: I was delayed by doubts about whether the festivities of this day might or might not take place.

Benedict Bridgerton: Does the duchess not care for your bride, Brother?

Daphne Basset: I find Miss Edwina to be quite lovely and deserving of the truth, which we must not deny her.

Benedict Bridgerton: I'm confused. Who is denying what to whom?

Anthony Bridgerton: Benedict, you must excuse us. It seems the duchess has opinions.

(Colin is hangover and grumpy...)

Violet Bridgerton (to Benedict): Whatever you have done to your brother, undo it.

Colin Bridgerton: I may never reach your capacity for drink, Brother.

Benedict Bridgerton: It's a simple remedy. If you continue to drink, there can be no after-effects.

Eloise Bridgerton: If only you would use your powers for good.

Anthony Bridgerton: That has always been the privilege of not being the firstborn. You both get to choose your passions and adventures, while I, on the other hand, must fulfill my...

Benedict Bridgerton: Tell me, dear brother, once you marry, will your duty finally be fulfilled so you can stop reminding everyone of it?

Anthony Bridgerton: I believe the reminders are also my duty, so no.

Colin Bridgerton: It is meant to be a sipping spirit.

Benedict Bridgerton: Have you not heard? The viscount believes in hurrying things along these days. First the wedding, now his drink. I hope, for Edwina's sake, the tendency stops before the honeymoon.

Anthony Bridgerton: Have you always been so vulgar, or has staring at naked models all day turned your brain to charcoal?

Benedict Bridgerton: The Royal Schools have accepted me as a student. I got in!

Colin Bridgerton: I thought they were not the arbiters of taste?

Benedict Bridgerton: They must see great promise in my work. Oh my! (opens the windows and leans out of it) You shall all bear witness to my talents!

Colin Bridgerton: Shh! It's the middle of the night!

Eloise Bridgerton: He will be as insufferable now as you.

Benedict Bridgerton: "What is it, truly, to admire a woman? To look at her and feel inspiration. To delight in her beauty. So much so that all your defenses crumble, that you would willingly take on any pain, any burden for her. To honor her being with your deeds and words." That is what the true poet describes.

Anthony Bridgerton: You should apply yourself more often, Benedict. Write that down.

Anthony Bridgerton: I thought this sort of thing was supposed to be your pleasure.

Benedict Bridgerton: Poetry, yes. Byron, heavens, no.

Anthony Bridgerton: Is not everyone supposed to love Byron?

Benedict Bridgerton: Many in our year at Cambridge thought my poetry far superior to his.

Anthony Bridgerton: Does that mean yours is more or less deceitful?

Benedict Bridgerton: Deceitful?

Anthony Bridgerton: Mmm.

Benedict Bridgerton: Poetry is the opposite, Brother. It is the art of revealing precious truth with words.

Anthony Bridgerton: Quite right, Brother. You... You're being serious?

Benedict Bridgerton: Mm-hmm.

Anthony Bridgerton: Good God. Good night.

Benedict Bridgerton is a character from Bridgerton

Bridgerton Quotes

Bridgerton Quotes

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