Rick: We can have a future.

Negan: I know I will.

Rick: Just give me… Give me 10 seconds so I can… I can tell you how.

Negan: No.

Rick: Just give me 10 seconds for Carl.

Negan: Ten… nine…

Rick: Carl said it doesn’t have to be… It doesn’t have to be a fight anymore.

Negan: He was wrong. Eight…

Rick: No, no. He was right.

(Rick slits Negan throat with a piece of glass)

Negan: Look what you did. Carl didn’t know a damn thing…

(Negan collapses on the ground, Rick is walking away)

Rick (to Siddiq): Save him.

Maggie: No!

Michonne: Maggie! Maggie! (Michonne stops her from going after Negan)

Maggie: No, he can’t! No! No, he killed Glenn!

Rick: We have to.

From The Walking Dead – Season 8 Episode 16: ‘Wrath’ (8×16)