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Pearl Thorne: You don't understand. In a dead world, love is dead!

Michonne Grimes: Love doesn't die. Watch. (stabs Thorne) Love doesn't die!

Rick Grimes: Are we crazy?

Michonne Grimes: Certifiable. So, we were born this way.

Rick Grimes: I guess so. We tell the Civic Republic what the CRM does. Like the bombing, whatever else they do. If we don't, who will?

Michonne Grimes: No one.

Rick Grimes: You don't leave people behind.

Michonne Grimes: This is the sh*t we do.

Rick Grimes: I've been wanting to say something. (takes our a ring) It's a broken world, Michonne, and you're the only thing that puts it back together. 'Til my last breath, I am yours.

Michonne Grimes: I could never have imagined this. But it could only ever have been you. I'm yours.

Rick Grimes: What you said to me before, in front of her it wasn't just for her.

Michonne Grimes: You couldn't have changed them by yourself, Rick, but together? The whole damn world... I see how we could make it better, and if we can, Rick, we have to.

Jadis Stokes: The dossier... it's in my room at the Cascadia Base. Just destroy it and go home. The CRM will bring the world back. Tell me you won't come after them.

Michonne Grimes: No. Because we are coming for them. We're gonna get the dossier. And then... the CRM we're gonna stop them. (about Rick): He's gonna get the Echelon Briefing and find out everything that they do that the city doesn't know about. The city I saw won't stand for what they are, and we're gonna help the city stop them, because, Anne, the CRM is not the answer, and they must end. We're gonna do that.

Rick Grimes: You kept us alive for a reason.

(After Rick and Michonne saved some people from walkers. Michonne gave them food, they pulled a gun on them...)

Rick Grimes: I am surprised you took back the noodles, though.

Michonne Grimes: They pulled a gun on us. You don't get noodles for that.

(After Rick and Michonne saved some people from walkers...)

Rick Grimes: Might be strange to admit it, but that felt good.

Michonne Grimes: Us against the world.

Rick Grimes: Or savin' it.

Michonne Grimes (to Rick): Despite all the odds, all the years, I found you, Rick. I came here through the hell that we have both been through to take you home. You think that's all for nothing? For us to just go our separate ways? No. We go home, Rick, and we figure out how to protect it together. That's how we make it all make sense. We love on each other, as hard as we can, while we can.

Michonne Grimes: What did they do to you? Rick, I need you to try to tell me what is really going on here. What did they take from you?

Rick Grimes: Carl. They took Carl. I lost him again. When I got taken, and I fought and I fought, and I just... I tried to get away, but... but, but how I would dream. I'd meet up with Carl in my dreams. And that's how I survived in here. Kept me alive. And then one day, he was just gone. He just left. But then I started dreaming of you. And there you were. You and I fell in love in different ways, and it kept me going. And then you were gone, too. I couldn't see your face anymore, just like I couldn't see Carl's. I can't live without you. Without you, I die. And I figured out how to do that. I know how to be dead and live now. You can't just come back here, make me come alive again if... I don't know if I won't lose you again. What if I lose you and I can't figure out how to die all over again? I can't...

Michonne Grimes (to Rick): This hope that you have in the CRM, sacrificing yourself... it's not real. We, your family, are real. I'm real. Our love? This? It doesn't get denied. No matter what you keep trying to tell me or yourself. And this... this back and forth it's hurting me, Rick. It's making me become someone I don't recognize. You're hurting me. And I know you. That is not how you love.

(Michonne is stuck, Rick is trying to free her, the walkers are coming...)

Michonne Grimes: You've got to go.

Rick Grimes: That is never happening.

Michonne Grimes: I just needed to hear that.

Rick Grimes: This is what I need to do to keep you safe!

Michonne Grimes: The only time I feel safe is when I'm with you.

Michonne Grimes (to Rick): When folks try to save the world their own way, it tends to go to sh*t.

Michonne is a character from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Quotes

The Walking Dead Quotes

You can also find Michonne in the series The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.


Michonne is a prominent character in the television series “The Walking Dead,” portrayed by actress Danai Gurira. She is a skilled and resourceful survivor who wields a katana sword as her weapon of choice. Michonne is introduced as a mysterious loner who is initially wary of forming connections with others, but she eventually becomes an integral part of the group led by Rick Grimes.


One of Michonne’s defining relationships is with Rick Grimes. Over time, they develop a deep bond based on mutual respect and trust. Michonne also forms close connections with other members of the group, including Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon. However, her closest friendship is often considered to be with Rick, as they share similar values and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect their loved ones.


Michonne’s journey in “The Walking Dead” is marked by growth and transformation as she learns to trust and rely on others while still maintaining her independence and strength. Throughout the series, Michonne’s character evolves from a solitary survivor to a respected leader and protector within the group.

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