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Gregory: The Saviors are still coming. Barely any food left, supplies just stretched out to nothing. M-Maybe we ought to consider evacuation.

Maggie Rhee: Evacuation?

Gregory: Yeah. We run, we live. I mean... how can we win?

Maggie Rhee: Look around, Gregory. How can we lose?

(Letters / Narrative)

Rick Grimes: The plan is working. We're doing this. We're winning. We had a hard fight. We lost people, brave people who gave their lives to make sure we won. By the time it was over, there weren't any Saviors left standing.

Maggie Rhee: We beat 'em, but things got complicated. Jesus took prisoners, brought 'em back home. We're holding 'em outside our gates for now, till we decide what to do. Until I decide.

Carol Peletier: We took the outpost bit by bit. We thought we'd won. We were gathered up in the open when they ambushed us. It was over in seconds. Ezekiel, Jerry, and me, we're the only ones who made it back.

Rick Grimes: All of it, it's scarier than I thought it'd be, but we're doing it. We have to. Sasha was first, and now the's been more. The sacrifices are real. We need to make it right for them. The rest of the plan's still a go. We're moving on to the next step. I'm headed there now. The Sanctuary's still surrounded. They're trapped, cut off from their supplies. Every hour that goes by, we're makin' 'em weaker. The lookouts are all around the compound. They open a door, we fire. But if they open a door, seems like they'd have bigger problems. We meet at Sanctuary in two days to end this, to win it all. It's not like we haven't fought before. We fought every step of the way to this place, to this moment. The path has led us here, to who we are, to each other, to now. And we're so close. This can be our last fight.

Gregory: The Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors. Any resident of the Hilltop who takes up arms or who supports this ultimatum against the Sanctuary or any of the Saviors, for that matter... they will no longer be welcome in the colony.

Negan: And?

Gregory: Their families will be thrown out and will be left to fend for themselves.

Negan: And?

Gregory: Go home now. Or you won't have a home to go back to!

Negan: You heard the man. Go back to separating wheat and sh*t or whatever the hell it is you people do.

Maggie Rhee: Doesn't look like anyone's goin', does it?

Gregory: Hilltop stands with...

Jesus: The Hilltop stands with Maggie!

Maggie Rhee: We've practiced. We've been through it over and over again. We all know the plan doesn't end this morning. That we may have to live in uncertainty for days, maybe more. That we have to keep our faith in each other. If we can hold on to that with everything we have, the future is ours. The world is ours.

Maggie Greene: You were out... out here for me.

Rick Grimes: We still are.

Maggie Greene: I can make it now. I need you to go back. I can't have you out here. I can't have you all out here anymore. I need you to go back.

Maggie Greene: You need to go get ready.

Rick Grimes: For what?

Maggie Greene: To fight them.

Rick Grimes: They have Daryl. They have an army. We would die... all of us.

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