Annie January: Jesus.

Billy Butcher: What?

Annie January: Just… it’s the kids’ shampoo he uses. I can smell it.

Billy Butcher: L’Oréal for kids, strawberry smoothie. I seen the bottle. Hateful sh*t.

Annie January: And his Axe Body Spray. Ugh! I mean… that’s how Vin Diesel must smell.

Billy Butcher: You know, every morning he slathers his bum with creamy Desitin.

Annie January: No.

Billy Butcher: I f*cking swear to God. He’s got rashes down there.

Annie January: I don’t want to know that!

Billy Butcher: F*cking mental, that’s all I’m saying.

Annie January: Hmm. But he really just… never gives up on you, does he?

Billy Butcher: Aye. And he follows you around like a right little pup.

Annie January: He’s too good for either of us.

Billy Butcher: Mm. Yeah.

From The Boys – Season 2 Episode 6: ‘The Bloody Doors Off’ (2×06) | Produced by Amazon Studios