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Billy Butcher: Now... remember what I told you.

Ryan Butcher: Don't be a c*nt.

Frenchie: Wile E. Coyote. Always chases Roadrunner, always with an elaborate plan, always fails. You know, I always say, "Why do this, Coyote? All you need is an AR-15, and 'meep-meep' no more."

Billy Butcher: Exactly. See? We're just gonna shoot Roadrunner in the f*cking head.

Billy Butcher: Congress. Please. What a bunch of corrupt f*cking c*nts they are.

Victoria Neuman: Oh, come on, you're not the first person to call me a c*nt, Mr. Butcher. I'm starting to think it's like a... badge of honor.

Billy Butcher: Term of endearment where I come from, love.

(Butcher is saying goodbye to his dog Terror...)

Billy Butcher: Well... here we are. I'm sorry. I almost threw in the towel like a bleeding tw*t. We're harder than that, isn't we? I will get your mum back. I swear to God, I'll get your mum back. Just take a little bit longer. You hang in there. All right? You be a good boy for Judy. Yeah, that's a good lad. Oh. I almost forgot. I got you something. (gives him Homelander plush toy) Terror... f*ck it. (the toy is squeaking) That's my boy.


Billy Butcher (about Homelander): How the f*ck does he walk around in that sweaty f*cking wetsuit all day long, balls mashed up against his leg like pancakes?

Becca Butcher: Oh, shh.

Billy Butcher: What?

Becca Butcher: You promised to behave.

Mother's Milk: So, you want to pay me the professional courtesy and tell me where the hell you disappeared to before?

Billy Butcher: I just had to pop down to the shop. I was running a bit low on mind your own f*cking business.

(Butcher is about to throw a grenade at The Female, Frenchie stops him...)

Frenchie: No. Let me talk to her.

Billy Butcher: Don't be f*cking stupid.

Frenchie: What if she's a Spice Girl?

Billy Butcher: Frenchie.

Frenchie: Let me help you go home.

(The Female attacks Frenchie and Butcher throws smoke grenade at them, which knocks them out...)

Billy Butcher: She ain't no Spice Girl.

Billy Butcher: This is like that scene in The Matrix. Now, you could take the f*cking red pill, right? Spend the rest of your life jacking off, crying into your chai tea green latte, what the f*ck. Or... you could take the blue pill. Or is it the red pill? Anyway, take the other pill and quit being a c*nt.

Hughie Campbell: Which pill do you want me to take?

Billy Butcher: Just quit being a c*nt. That's what I'm saying.

Character from The Boys (TV series)

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