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Queen Maeve: Butcher's right. Homelander needs to die. That's it. Whatever it takes.

Annie January: I really thought that deep down you were a hero.

Queen Maeve: Well, you were wrong. There's no such thing.

Annie January: This is not gonna happen.

Hughie Campbell: Annie, I'm-I'm so sorry. I've been an a**hole. I never should have... I-I never should've put any of this onto you.

Annie January: Thank you for saying that.

Hughie Campbell: Literally every neuron in your brain is screaming "I told you so," so why don't you just say it before your head explodes.

Annie January: Oh, my God! I f**king told you so.

Hughie Campbell: Feel good to get that out?

Annie January: So satisfying. Oh, my God.

Annie January (to Homelander): I'm not scared of you anymore. I'm not. I see who you are. I see how small you are. I saw it. I saw it the night that you killed Supersonic.

Mother's Milk: "Grandpa, Grandpa. It's Soldier Boy. Come look." Soldier Boy takes the Benz, and he hurls it through our house, like a f**king freight train. It missed me by about six inches. And my grandpa... One minute he was there... and then he wasn't. And I woke him up. I put him in that spot.

Annie January: That is not your fault.

Mother's Milk: That's when this whole OCD sh*t started. I mean, I don't understand it. All I know is that if I didn't check the burners three times a night, Soldier Boy would come back and kill the rest of us. And I'm still that kid. Still getting up in the middle of the night, checking the burners. 'Cause if I don't, Soldier Boy's gonna come back, and he's gonna kill my family. I got to get this motherf*cker out of my head, and end this. Or it'll end me.

Victoria Neuman: I want to help you.

Annie January: Huh. Help. From the psycho who blew up Congress.

Victoria Neuman: Look, most of those guys passed around deepfakes of me on the House floor blowing bin Laden, so I'm not exactly overwhelmed with sympathy.

Annie January (to A-Train): Why are you so desperate to be with people who hate you?

Hughie Campbell (about temporary V): We don't have any more. And even if we did, I-I wouldn't take it. It was awful. Like, uh, the hangover, all of it, just... absolutely hated it.

Annie January: You loved it.

Hughie Campbell: I f**king really loved it. It was awesome. I mean, you know me. If a guy in the car next to me gives me a dirty look, I'm like f**king Dom Torreto taking off, trying to get away from him 'cause I'm quick and I'm all about family. But in Russia... I wasn't scared.

Supersonic: What happened to you in New York?

Annie January: I started making waves.

Hughie Campbell: I've been thinking about that lately... the hanging in there. And I think maybe I am too clingy.

Annie January: No, you're not.

Hughie Campbell: Sticking with people just because I'm terrified of losing them? I-I... I can't do that anymore. I think it's time I go off, stand on my own two feet for once.

Annie January: Right. Um... Yeah, no worries. We'll, um... We'll just be friends, then.

Hughie Campbell: Oh... oh, God, no. No, no, no. I'm still gonna cling onto you, I'm not f*cking crazy.

Annie January: This is where you're living?

Hughie Campbell: Yeah. You know, it has its charms. The rats are, like, uh, Pokémon. With hep C.

Stormfront: Who's the greatest superhero of all time?

Annie January: Hmm, Homelander?

Stormfront: No. Pippi Longstocking. (Annie is confused) Pippi Longstocking... She's a nine-year-old girl. Lived in a house all by herself. Pet monkey. Could lift a horse with one hand. You-you haven't read Pippi Longstocking?

Annie January: I guess not.

Stormfront: Hmm. Okay, well, uh, I used to dress as her every Halloween, and all the girls dressed like Disney sl*ts would make fun of me, and you know what I thought? I thought, "Who f*cking cares?" Pippi didn't care. She never cared about being polite. Or cute. Look. F*ck this world for confusing nice with good. Be a b*tch if you want. Be whatever. Just drop the mask once in a while. Feels good. You can finally breathe. Oh, and if someone sticks a d*ck in your mouth, bite it off. Pippi Longstocking would bite a "D." That's for damn sure.

Annie January (singing): We're defended by our heroes You stood among the best Protecting us from evil You rose above the rest And though we could see through you It seem we hardly knew we confess Thanks to what you've done we've all been blessed

Annie January (to Hughie): I just know that, for me, New York has been such an endless sh*t show. Except for you. Somehow, in the middle of it all... you found me.

Character from the series The Boys

The Boys Quotes

The Boys Quotes

Top 10 Quotes by Annie January from The Boys Series

Annie January Quotes - The best quotes by Billy Annie January (Starlight) from The Boys


Above you’ll find the best quotes and dialogues by Annie January, also known as Starlight. The quotes are sorted from the latest added.

Annie is played by the actress Erin Moriarty.


The pick of the top 10 one-liners said by Annie January:

  • “Since when did ‘hopeful’ and ‘naive’ become the same thing?” (Ep. 1×01)
  • “I’m a fighter. I’m gonna fight.” (Ep. 1×01)
  • “Here’s the truth. Anyone who tells you they know the answers is lying.” (Ep. 1×05)
  • “I know, I’m supposed to be this hero-idol-symbol-whatever, but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I’m just as scared and confused as the rest of you. I’m done pretending, and I’m done taking any more sh*t. Thank you.” (Ep. 1×05)
  • “New York has been such an endless sh*t show. Except for you. Somehow, in the middle of it all… you found me.” (speaking to Hughie – Ep. 1×05)
  • “The good guys don’t win. The bad guys don’t get punished. What we do means nothing. It’s just all for money and I am in the middle of all of it.” (Ep. 2×07)
  • “I started making waves.” (Ep. 3×02)
  • “Most heroes don’t care about you. They only care about their image, and… Homelander is the worst of them.” (Ep. 3×06)
  • “I’m not Starlight anymore. My name is Annie January… and I f**king quit.” (Ep. 3×06)
  • “I’m not scared of you anymore. I’m not. I see who you are. I see how small you are.” (speaking to Homelander – Ep. 3×07)



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