Carol Peletier: What’s about to happen, it’s not just a few walkers. You know that, right?

Ezekiel: Yes. And yet I smile.

Carol Peletier: Why?

Ezekiel: Do I feel the supreme confidence? Or is my lot, my job, to simply protect such certainty? No and yes. Yes and no. And then finally yes to both. Fake it till you make it, baby. That’s what I’ve done and what I do. I am King because I-I have provided a light to lead my people forward through the darkness, and they have made my fictions realities. So, with all this and everything that’s happened…

Carol Peletier: All of us may not make it. We may not even win.

Ezekiel: And yet I smile. There will be no fantasies of failure this day.

From The Walking Dead – Season 8 Episode 2: ‘The Damned’ (8×02)